mercredi 20 janvier 2016

Deck review : Wydar sarkal

Credits to Shawn Ho

 Wydar sarkal is a grind deck that plays around multiple unique interaction.
     This deck doesn't have a precise and clear goal. Instead, it has multiple interactions and combo. Most of them revolving around Wolman Gutz and Nightwitch Clear, two cards that protect your center from attacks as long as your right is not empty.
      The problem with this deck is that this deck have a lot of interesting tools, but only a few of them really can flip the match over. There is Red-eyes succubus (Shiden clone), Loose a turn combo and Breathen gard plays; but outside of that, nothing exceed average.

(Strenght of the deck for the Rune staff version)
Wydar sarkal has an incredible lack of field control. They cannot make more than 3 attacks per turn, have very low Power stats, and absolutly no destruction effect.
      To balance the lack of field control with very good damages and card advantage.
       For the damage, they have a few 3 crits, but more importantly a playset of Breathen gard to link attack for game
       A better Shiden and a better Abyss symfony, it is very hard to deny the card advantage the Wydars have.
      Wydar sarkal have doesn't have a very stable defense.  Great Spell, Weistadt needs Rune staff, Clear and Gutz can be destroyed by effect. The rest of the defense is just average.
      Wydar sarkal have a lot of combo, but outside of Breathen gard link attack none of them are game breaking.
      With no search effect nor recycle, this deck doesn't have any options. The good draw power is the only thing that holds it from beeing mediocre.
       Like every other Legend world deck, Wydar have very good gauge tools. The abscence of gauge price on the key cards and Rune staff makes it go over the top.
      The deck has an average consistency thanks to his draw power.

 Loose a turn combo

     Here is a nice combo for Wydar sarkal, which I like to call the 'Loose a turn'.
     It requires Count dawn, Wulfman, Grutz (or Nightwitch, Clear), Great Spell, Weiterstadt , Rune staff. That makes 4 cards, but it happens often enought. Count dawn can be called to the drop, you have 8 Grutz + Clear, and Rune staff is optional even thought it better with.
       So what should you do ? Call Grutz to the center and Dawn to the right to unlock Grutz's effect. If your opponent wants to hit your life points, he will need to destroy Dawn first. If he does, you can then activate Weiterstadt and end the attack phase. At the beggining of your turn, call Dawn at the same position for one life.
     With rune staff you don't have to pay the life cost. And with all the gauge rune staff gives, the gauge price is also irrelevant. Overall you loose 1 card (Weistadt) and one life, which is the equivalent of -1,5. Since your opponent expects to be able to make at least three attacks in his turn (-3), you get a very nice +1,5 with this combo. And against highly aggresive decks with next to no defense, this tempo sink can be lethal.
       The combo can easily be disrupted, but you really don't loose anything for setting it up. And overall on their own, the cards are still good.

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