mardi 25 novembre 2014

Blog presentation

Hello everyone to my Buddyfight Notebook blog. I am Infinity Soul. I am french so tell me if you see any gramatical mistakes.

My blog will mainly held two differents article types :
  - Debates, reflections on Buddyfight in general, game mechanics.
 - The results of my playtests. And only the playtests of the deck i wanna craft. I will weekly put my thoughts on the cards of the deck i am currently building. And keep you update on the composition of my decklist.
This mean that i won't talk about every decks, only the one(s) i wanna construct and play in tournaments.

I am currently thinking about writing articles wich summarize the gameplay of other decklist i netdeck'd. Tell me what you think about it.
Anything else if i have an idea of an interesent article.

This blog is also here to discuss with other players. And i will be happy to discuss with you if you have a different opinion on what i said in one of my articles.

Labels of my articles :
Playtest : The result of my playtest/theorybuild, thoughts on cards.
TLDR : My decklist, straight, and no explaination. If anyone want to pick a list try/buy the deck by himself. I point out cards that might be removed from the deck.
Tournament deck :  The decklist i took at a tournament. This time i will explain the card choices.
General : About the game in general.
Other : Self explainatory. About me, about the website, about any other things.

TLDR Armorknight


Danger world
Buddy : Cerberus

Note : every monsters are Armorknight
A lot of cards can be find in the TD2.

Size 3 :
  • 3 Demon
Size 2 :
  • 4 cerberus
  • 1 medusa
  • 2 Flying night Dragon rahal
Size 1 :
  • 2 asmodai
  • 3 hellhound
  • 3 oger
  • 2 gargoyle
Level 0 :
  • 2 Eagle
  • 2 tiger
Monster-Spell :
  • 2 armor reuse
  • 1 gargoyle 'A'
Spell :
  • 4 battle aura circle
  • 2 invigoring breath
  • 1 demon slay ressurection
  • 3 demon break slash
  • 2 double guillotine
  • 2 survival chance
  • 2 Battle spirit unite
Weapon :
  • 4 Explosive axe, ricdeau demon slay 
  • 3 Boulder piercing spear
Video about an old version of the deck.

dimanche 23 novembre 2014

Playtest notes : Armorknight

Note : This article is now an archive. It has not been updated since Miracle Impact !

Description : Armorknight is the first deck i am trying to build.
It has a very aggressive playstyle mainly thanks to his penetration, destruction and level 0. The backclash of this is the defensive set up ( counter spell ) wich is not as good as other worlds (if not totally ludicrous).
Do note i don't use the 'Ace' archetype.

Wanna go fast ? Netdeck the TL;DR
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