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Decks list (last update : HBT03)

You just arrived on Buddyfight and you  have no clue what all the existing deck are ? And you are also looking for the deck that suits you the best ? This list is desinged for you. It referes all the archetypes existing and the decks created by the players.
If you are looking for the best decks of the metagame at the moment, this article is not done for you as it doesn't integer any tier list.

There are currently 10 worlds.
Besides those worlds, there are 2 additionals flags that allow you to play a cross-over between worlds.
There are also generic attributes that can be played into every worlds (but have their prefered flags).

Note : for each world's ambiance description, credits go to the wikia

I cannot assure to know every decks and every variants in this game. So any willing to help, please post in the comment sections.

Dragon world

Dragon World cards, as the name implies, are themed around Dragons equiped with armor and weapons and Humans riding and commanding dragons known as Dragon Knights. Dragon World's card frame resembles flames.

Dragon world is a weapon centric world. It mixes a good offense and defense.
Star cards : powerful impacts (like Gargantua punisher), Blue and Green dragon shields.
Dragon knight
      Incredibly versatile deck.
      Size 1 flood
Generic Armordragon
Thunder knight
     Mix of aggresiveness and defenses with the ability 'Move'
     Very aggresive decks. Have multiple versions. Learn more
  Thunder knight
4000 Festival
     Designed around the Set spell 4000 Festival which boosts all your size 1 4000 power monsters.
Fifth omni
     Turns around the mechanic of self burn which triggers powerful effects
Blue sky knight
      Life gain for days.
  Gold ritter 
  Set up deck that wins with Jackknife 'Gold ritter'.

Danger world

Themed around creatures wearing heavy armament known as Armorknights as well as savage looking dragonic creatures known as Duel Dragons. Danger World's card frame resembles a safety line tape with several holes and a wire fence.

It is weapon centric and the most aggresive world. It has very good damages but is lacking ressource management.

     Aggressive deck that turns heavily around Items. Ace is a sub-archetype. Their monsters gets into the soul of your weapon to give it additional abilities. Armorknight decks are usually a mix between standart monsters and Ace monsters.
  Dual dragon
     Deck that turns around Demongodol arc which is a powerful defensive monster which force the attack of the opponent on himself,and delay him enough to kill the opponent or take an edge over the game.

Magic world

Magic World cards are themed around demons, wizards, and sorcery such as the 72 pillars of Solomon. Magic World's card frame features Magic circles.

It is a defensive  world that easily creates card advantage (Nice one for instance), but lacks stats and have no destruction effects.

Star cards : Nice one ! and Magical goodbye.


     Very slow decks that slowly but surely grind the opponent's life. Learn more
72 pillars
     A little more aggressive deck. Grinds little by little until you finish the opponent with Saturday night fever.

Katana world

Katana world is themed after Japanese cultural aspects such as Ninjas. Katana World's card frame features elements from japanese culture such as katana and kunai.

 Katan world's decks have no common traits. There are defensive decks (Ninja) and aggressive decks (Skull warrior).

  Very control deck. 

  Secret sword
     A more offensive version with burns and shields negations. But looses card advantage and stability.
Skull warrior
     Aggresive deck using powerful living deads.  Most of them only last one turn, but differents effects allow you to call them from the drop.
     A defensive deck that. It's key card turns every monsters into big wall. Water is mixed with Skull warriors to summon a monster on your center every turns.

Ancient world

It is themed mainly around dragons which often are Deity-like and/or organic in appearance. The card frame resembles a stone wall with several cracks to make it appear to be very old.

It is a Size 3 centric world.
Star cards : Dragon emperor legend, Divine dragon creation

Raging spirit
     Powerful size 3 monsters which forces the opponent to attack them. Allowing you to keep your center open for weapon attacks.
Wild dragon 
Sieger and Ladis
     Builded around one size 3 boss monster  which must stay alive for the whole game (Dual Sieger or Ladis the Tyran)

Dungeon world

Several cards in this world feature characters from the Buddyfight anime series as characters in a RPG. Dungeon World's card frame resembles a wall in a dungeon and features a treasure chest.

Star cards : Pillar of fire, Divine Protection of Shalsana

     Centered around the link attack mechanic.
     Sub-type of Adventurer that gives you the ability to hold two weapon at the same time.
Dungeon mix
     Combination of the adventurer  and dungeon ennemies (size 2 and less) which gives acces to powerful effects like Continue! and Orser klein. Learn more
Dungeon ennemies/Demon lord
     Size 3 centric decks.

Darkness dragon world

This world is themed mainly around dark creatures such as ghosts, demons, undead creatures, evil dragons, etc. The card frame is a darker, purple colored version of Dragon World's card frame. It is the antagonist deck of season 1.

Control or aggresive world with a lot of disturbance and destruction effects.

Star cards : Death grip, Black dragon shields

Purgatory knights
     Aggresive deck that turns around destroying your own monsters to trigger powerful effects. Learn more
  Open center (more aggressive)
  Close center (less aggressive, but safer)
     Are able to ignore the monster in the opponent's center.  They are a highly aggresive deck that totally ignore the opponent's monsters.
Black dragon
     Control deck that slowly kills the opponent every times they destroy a monster.
      Set up deck that calls Black Dragon of Demise, Death Tallica .
Pain deck
      A mix of Death and black dragon. Go highly aggressive with Death monsters and use Black dragon if a monster gets too annoying.

Legend world

This world features mythological creatures and folk-tales and legends such as the Round Table, Norse Mythology and Greek Mythology. Legend World's card frame features a mixture of a metallic gold plate and a swirly ornate vine like design.

World with very unique effects (item change, negation of abilities) and very good gauge effects.
Star cards : King of Forest, Zlatorog, Symbel Gard

     Aggresive deck that uses an item toolbox thanks to the ability Item change. Learn more
Bloody king
     Turns around discarding your cards to activate powerful effects; Mainly rely on the monster Bloody king.
Wydar sarkal
      Grind deck that slowly kills the opponent.
      A grind deck which has the powerful effect to nullify the ability of any cards that are on the opponent board
  Gorgone three sisters
      Combo deck between Ragnarok and Glipnir. This cleans the board and the hand plus let you spawn a very powerful monster that your opponent cannot deal with. Not competitif.

Hero world 

This world is themed after giant robots, super heroes, rescue dragons and aliens and pays homage to many classic Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Super Robot series. The card frame resembles a cockpit of a spaceship.

This is a weapon centric world which uses the very powerful Transform and Ride mechanics which allows you to equip yourself with your monsters (they are identicals mechanics).

Super hero
     Very aggresive variante

Tako burn
     Grind deck that slowly burns with Takosuke's effect
Rescue dragon
Quartet 5
Dark hero
Brave machine
      Centered around Kaizerion
      Set up deck that calls Ultimate CardBurn.

Star dragon world

 This world is themed mainly around Spacial Dragons called Neodragons and it is said to have an advanced civilization. It is the future era of Dragon World. The card frame has a futuristic theme that simulates neon lights.

This is the newest world so far. So there is only one mechanic available : crossnize. Crossnize allow your Dragoarm to get into the soul of Neodragon and give them additional skills.

Variable corde
     Designed around the monster Sixth Omni Storm Lord, Variable Cord


Parade of the hundred demons

All cards within this attribute have a red painted-like "鬼" within a circle at the top right corner of their artworks. According to lore, there are 100 monsters from different worlds with this attribute (not counting form changes), hence the name.

Dragon Ein

This is the only flag that alters your starting condition.
This flag allows you to play any Dragon from any worlds. It also gives you access to the powerful Azi Dahaka and it's weapon. In counterparty, you only start with 4 cards instead of 6.
This flag can regroup any Dragon archetypes listed above. Here are the only ones that are suited for a competitive environement.

Dragon knight
Fifth omni
Thunder knight
Purgatory knight.

Generic archetypes

      Bad archetype. Rumors says some players found the potential of this deck to be tier 0 (this is a joke)
Tarot (Actor knight)
     Powerful archetype thanks to Actor Knights Judgement.
  Darkness dragon world
     This is the world that support the most Judgement with very powerful destruction and defense spells and cards that helps you mill.
  Magic world
      The very powerful Nice one! is what makes this deck so good. The counter line up is also very good to delay the game until you can activate Judgement's effects.
Battle deity robot

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