lundi 23 novembre 2015

Happy birthday Buddyfight notebook !!


mardi 10 novembre 2015

Decks list (last update : HBT03)

You just arrived on Buddyfight and you  have no clue what all the existing deck are ? And you are also looking for the deck that suits you the best ? This list is desinged for you. It referes all the archetypes existing and the decks created by the players.
If you are looking for the best decks of the metagame at the moment, this article is not done for you as it doesn't integer any tier list.

There are currently 10 worlds.
Besides those worlds, there are 2 additionals flags that allow you to play a cross-over between worlds.
There are also generic attributes that can be played into every worlds (but have their prefered flags).

Note : for each world's ambiance description, credits go to the wikia

I cannot assure to know every decks and every variants in this game. So any willing to help, please post in the comment sections.

All images from the official Bushiroad website are solely for reference purposes. Future Card Buddyfight!, logos, and respective content belong to Bushiroad. Large images belong to the Buddyfight! Wikia.