dimanche 14 juin 2015

Deck review : Star

   Star is a grind deck which turns around stuns. With all the two criticals, they dig slowly the opponent's life while soft locking the opponent with Great star.

    Because of Frozen stars, your opponent will be forced to focus your side monsters, and with Schedar cassiopeia, lion and Zlatorog, you can refresh the board every times it gets empty (at least you are supposed to, on paper) .

    The main (if not only) formation in the deck is : size 2 non star to the center, size 1 and size 0 star in the sides. The size 2 (Zlatarog  or Gold lion of nemea) are here to give you on call advantage, it is logic to call them to the center otherwise your opponent will ignor them.
     Of course, the two stars on the side are here to enable Frozen star.

     With all the 2 crits, they have good damages, and Breathen gard can easilly kill at 6 lifes. Which is very unexpected and gives Star good power play (this + Frozen stars).
     With gold lion and Cassipeia, they have nice Card advantage.

    But outside of that, I hardly find any quality to the deck :
       Field control is not that good : They have better power than Wizard, but no destruction.
      As a legend world deck, they have very lackluster defense.
      But unlike other Legend world's deck they have bad Gauge management. LW gives them gauge, but the huge cost will make you run out of gauge.
      It is a pretty straightforward deck, and very unconsistent because of how reliant on Frozen star they are.
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4 commentaires:

  1. Can you do an updated Star decklist with Perseus and Dawn for what the deck should look like now?

    1. Will do, gimme until the end of the week :)

  2. sounds good though I am going to the NY regional with stars so any immediate advise/ratios of new cards would be appreciated.

    1. There isn't much playtest and lots of theory so take it with a grain of salt,

      I would replace the two Rigel orion by Count dawn (CD is cool but that's all, and therre isn't space anywhere else),
      not play Perseus because it doesn't worth it's abyssmal stats


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