mercredi 12 août 2015

Article from other cards games : The Library

       Despite having a tremendous amount of ressources about buddyfight considering how new the game is, we still don't have the same amount of ressources as the most famous cards games (some website even pay the players to write articles, and I am thankful because it brings very interesting contents).
        And inside those articles, there are a lot which are fairly general articles. And can be used to improve your skill in any card games, or that are simply interesting without knowing the game.
       I want to ather them all to one point :


The library : Yugioh - Alter reality games articles from 2015

Yugioh Articles from 2015
Explanation of the library

mercredi 5 août 2015

Why has Armorknight demon disappeared.

      Armorknight Demon used to be the best size 3 in Danger world. He was pretty much untouchable. Played in every decks, I thought this card would still be a stapple in 100 years.
    Now, he is rarely seen as a one-off in Armorknight's sideboards.
    Analyse of a monster that was hit by the Powercreep, and more importantly, was beaten up by a shifting meta.

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