samedi 30 mai 2015

Deck review : Wizard

Quick overview :

   Wizard is a grind deck. They avoid fighting the opponent's monsters. They kill slowly but surely their opponent with 2 criticals attacks and burns.
   To protect themself, they don't use destruction but disturbtion effect (mainly bounce).

Description :

   Because of their low power, Wizards are forced to be a grind deck and cannot do anything else.
    They have very good and consitent Damage, and Power plays. Merlin + Abracadabra can deal some very unexpected burst. Gunrod makes sure your opponent will take at least one damage per turn, and Grandfather clock usually seal the game.
   Because none of their counter spells can't definitly get rid of a threat, they only have a decent Defense at most; it'sonly goal is to make you survive one more turn.
   With Mary sue, Will glassart, and obviously Nice one, they have some very good card advantage.
   And a good options, lots of differents monster which each have their specific roles.

    Unfortunatly, they also have very big weaknesses.
   Obviously they have a disastrous Field control, their only shining light beeing Tempest wing.
    They have a very bad gauge management.
    And they aren't that consistent. Nice one is a very key part of deck, without it, you will run out of ressources quickly, and be very restricted in term of options.

Match ups :

   Wizard are  basically the "open center" eaters. If they don't need to fight any monsters to open the way to the opponent's life, it is their main weakness that suddently disappear.
   On the other hand, they struggle a lot against decks with high defense; especially if they are size 3 which mean they cannot Magical goodbye.


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