samedi 2 mai 2015

Greece first runner up Armorknight Ace deck

     As much as I was happily surprised by the Deep deck, Doxopulos Dimitris' Armorknight Ace deck left me a bit disappointed. This is probably because I had a lot more expectation from Dimitris' deck because i knew a lot more Ace than Deep, but there are still lots of things I would change in the deck.

     I won't get over Kaari at 3. He was only missing a fifth Kaari. I also won't get over the one of Hysteric Spear. He was missing the third Swirling darkness. There is no point playing one of situational weapons that you cannot search.

    Now here are the stagycal choices I disagree with : swap Kaari for Little drake for your Buddy. Size 0s are very good buddies because they can be played at any time, any situations. Little drake not only is a size 0, but he also is the most important card in the Ace deck.

    I would also remove Ark giraffa for one or two more Demons. For one monster sacrifice, you get 1 crit (that can apply twice), 2k power, 2k defense and a safer card because of it's size 3 (no Magical goodby, Death grip...). And Ace is by far the deck where Demon feels the more at home. With Kaari and Little Drake you have a total of 8 monsters which are low stated with on-call effect. This mean they are the perfect tribute for Demon.

     I will also add one or two more Armor reuse. This is a very good card and add a lot of toolbox to a deck that is already very toolboxy thanks to Little Drake.

    Finally, there is too much penetrate. Penetrate is a very powerful keyword, but it can also be useless against certain decks. And in Ace, as soon as you place your Griffin 'A' in the soul of your weapon, your opponent won't call any monster in the center. So you play Griffin 'A' or Medusa. Not both.

    Anyway, congrat to Dimitri for his place.

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