lundi 18 mai 2015

Rate a deck part 1 : Deck style

     This article is the beggining of a two article serie to define all the criteria for a deck.
When I talk about deck, i mean archetype. Not someone's build. We consider the most optimal build of the archetype.
    As much as possible I want to make something general where everybody will agree with. This is why I picked opinion on this subject.
     I want to thank Bradley Stone, Wesley Small, Osvaldo, Reversed and Kingofthepanda who took time to answer my question. It really helped !

     We will first see what are all the styles a deck can have, what playstyle does it run.

    Before picking a deck, in a card game, it is important to know what is it's style. To know if it is the way you like to play Buddyfight, or simply to know how it should be used for a maximum effectiveness.
     There are 4 differents styles of deck : -Aggro -Grind -Control -Set up

     Aggro works like every other aggro deck in the card game universe. You want your opponent to die as quick as possible. To do so, you have to ignore his monsters on the side, your monster have very high criticals (Armorknight)
     Grind deck want to burn the opponent little by little. It has good critical, burn damages and more defenses than an Aggro (Wizard)
     Control deck want to take field control before starting to close the game. It the best defensive line up, and a good field control.
     Set up, is an equivalent of combo in Magic : you wait until you place your win condition. (Deathtallica, Gold ritter).
In term of speed, Aggro is the quickest, then Grind, Control and finally Set up.

Before I leave you, I want to add three points :
    -An important point to note is that because of the nature of the game, a lot of decks can have different playstyle : Ragging spirit can be both Control or Grind (most of the controls decks can also grind); Purgatory knight can be both Aggro or grind.
    -Hence, depending on how the game plays out, you may be forced to shift your playstyle within the same game. For instance, if I try to rush my opponent, but after two turns he stil have 10 lifes, but only two cards in my hand, I will turn control to make him run out of ressources.
    Decks that doesn't have two differents style cannot do so. For instance Wizar's power are too low to consider hitting your opponent's monsters.
    -Finally, Set up decks have their own sub-style : while waiting for his boss to be ready, what does he do ? Does he grinds ? Control ? Or do nothing ? (hun hun Jackknife).

    I hope you found it to be interesting, and I hope I will see you for the second part : criterias to rate a deck.

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