samedi 9 mai 2015

Toronto's grand final analyse seconde game

    72 pillars open with Buer once again, cast Nice one ! and hits for one.

    Thunder Knights then calls TK Drums (with 1 soul), and Buddycalls Boomerang Dragon. He hits
bruel with Drum. 72p, answers with Check it out and bounce and recall Buer. Boomerang then attacks Buer. He used a card and a gauge to save 3 lifes, which is a wash. He loses Check it out ! which is a very important out  though.

    72p call another Buer, and a Paimon. Drum moves to the center. Paimon hits him.

    TK calls Drago-archer and boomerang. Boomerang tries to hit Paimon. 72p cast Check it out. He then call Champion Wrestler, Asmodai.  72 pillars discards two cards and destroy both Drum and Drago-archer.

    Champion Wrestler, Asmodai hits two times.

TK calls Inferno Armor Dragon and boomerang. He uses Inferno's skill to destroy Champion Wrestler, Asmodai. Using Inferno's skill on Champion Wrestler, Asmodai seems like a waste, because Champion Wrestler, Asmodai can simply be destroyed by a Boomerang. But keeping Inferno's effect for another turn is also a bad solution because, chances are, he will be destroyed during your opponent's turn. But TK propably simply did not have any other monsters at this moment. Consequently, I wanna ask a question : Is Inferno that good against 72 pillars ? 72 pillars are so fragile that Inferno's destruction effect becomes less valuable. I would perhaps side him out.

    TK hits with Inferno and Boomerang.

    72p calls Asmodai (regular), uses his effect to destroy Inferno. He then cast Saturday night devil fever to call Marchoisis, Paimon and Buer. During the main phase. But this is because he needed to call Buel to get a gauge for the Nice one that he  activates right after. He draws a Buer and a Chillax. He then summons Buel again to make his Chillax playable.
    He attacks with every monsters. Marchoisis get Dragonic shooted.

    TK then calls TK Leader Kommander Fahne, boomerang and equips himself with sunfist. The game is over now.

    Michael gets the second round and wins WCQ Spring Feast.

    The MVP of this second round was Boomerang Dragon.He really recked 72 pillars. Because of
how low 72 pillars' monster defense are, he wasn't just a 1 crit beater. He was a free Death touch which can be used each turn. This is why i would have propably destroy him with Champion Wrestler, Asmodai's effect.

    Congrats to Michael for his win, and to Shawn for his second place. For those who wanna know, Shawn's 72 pillars decklist can be found here. It is a very informative video.

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