mercredi 23 mars 2016

Wydar Sarkal update

    One of my friends recently asked to playtest Wydar sarkal with him. Here are my results out of it.
Before I get into it, you should read my last article on Wydar sarkal. Duchess Elizabeth and Great Wind Fairy, Sylph are not in the article, but most of what is said still apply.

    Right now, Wydar sarkal are in a very tricky spot. They are basically the embodiement of why ressource advantage is meaningless if you end up dying. They ressource control are incredible, they dethroned the Wizards in this domain.
    If your opponent tries to go after your monsters and win with ressource control, he is in big trouble. But if he goes directly for your life and sets good defenses, all the ressource in the world won't help you if your life reaches zero.

    But I definitly feel Wydar sarkal can do more than that.

    First of the item they received recently : Magic Sword, Azoth. This card is incredibly underwhelming. It doesn't really bring much. If it shuts differents strategies, you also decrease your own potential as you will loose all the gauge Rune staff brings and powerful options like Great Spell, Weiterstadt and Great Spell Finisher, Colossal Flame Sword Laevatein!

    The second point is the loose a turn combo (Weiterstadt/Rune Staff/Wulman or Clear/one meat shield). The combo is still here, but it now doesn't include OG  Dawn anymore.
    The first reason is that Twillight count overtakes Original Dawn. Unless you are really low, your opponent will have to go for your Inverse Dawn in the side. This means that Dawn is perfect to sit in your left side.
    The second reason is that we now have enought  "meat shield" to sit in the right : -Succubuss : now that you have Duchess, protecting Succubus is not needed anymore -Sylph -Zlatorog...

    The third point is using Omni lords. Wydar sarkal have minimum interractions with other WS on your field. This means that the Omni lords are more than welcome in this deck. The gauge ressource also helps sustaining the cost of the best Omni lords.
    Here are the differents omni lords I recommend in the deck :
OG/Inverse/SSD Tenbu : helps with field control. Miseria. Burn nova.
     Death Asmodai (with the help of Tim). I haven't tested it. But I see a lot of potential : It calls Sylph for free which will force two attacks from the opponent (Sylph will call Clear or Wulfman), combos with Twillight count. Those are the two flashiest pull out of the effect, but there are much more : Zlatorog pays off Deathmodai's cost, free Clear...
It also has lot of power and penetrate. Two thinks that Wydar sarkal happily welcomes.

This is what I concluded from the playtests with the deck. I hope you learned from it, or took some ideas out of it.

    Until next time,
    raise your flag...

     As I was asked to give how I would see the deck, you can find it in the TL;DR

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