dimanche 15 mai 2016

Deck review : Grind Wizard

     First of, I want to shoutout to Charles and Alban who  really helped me in the construction of the wizard build.

    The file I wrote is only here to analyse Grind wizard, but I want to quickly show the differents
versions available.
-Grind wizard, of course.
-Burn wizard : As the name says, it is a slow deck that only deal damage throught burn effects. Ask Tim for more informations on the subject. 
-Turbo clock : Quick deck that wants to mill as fast as possible to abuse Grandfather clock's effect.
   And there must be a lot of unexplored possibilities

Within a game, it is the trump card.
The timing to exploit it, depends on you.
    When I analyse the stats of wizards, I will compare them to how they were before, but as the values are relative to the environment they are in ; they may have gotten worst to some points if they did not progress but the rest of the meta catched up.
Talking about getting worst, Wizard is now an extremly average deck in term of card advantage. They did not receive much were most other decks got their hands on very powerful CA engine (kamil, Hd set spell, Origin godol).
     They also now have a bad option value. They are one of the richest archetype in terms of possibilities. But you cannot play them all or you will get a deck that does everything... bad. Also Wizard did not get any search/salvage effect.

    For field control, they got much much better : DunkLicht's 7k double attack, Asmodai (with The Ace)... But that is still not enought when we compare to how powerful destruction became : Teacher asmodai, Cerberus sd...
So they stay at the bottom of the pack.
     In term of Damage that is the same. They got better, but so did the meta. Overall, they have just the damage output we expect out of a slow deck.
    With the playing more monsters with expensive gauge cost (Mary Sue, DunkLicht) and less Spell assisst (Genjuro Saki..) They now have a heavier gauge line. But they also received anew interesting options (Never say never, The straight), so that doesn't get worst.
     In term of Defense they stay as solid as before. DunkLicht, Happy camper, Magical goodbye as
before. They also have more counter which mean your opponent will be less able to play around them (no more "you have no gauge, I will just link attack and I am sure the attack will reach").
    For consistency, this is the same as before. To be effective enough, you will have to rely on a few combos (and Nice one).


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