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Cards playtest : Wizard DBt01

Note : if before the analyses of the card, it is written "Relexion", that means that the analyses is only the result on my reflection/theory on the card. The card has not been playtested.

Size 3

    The issue I had with Tempest wing, is that although it is extremly powerful in certain match ups, it is not the solide standalone size 3 that we see in the majority of the decks (like Oberon, Iblis). 
    But then I realized, that it was simply not his role. It is a side board card that can be maindeck'd. Against wall decks where this card shines, you are very happy to have him since game 1. In other match up where he is less mandatory, it stays solid enough if you don't have any other monster options; otherwise you can easily get ride of him (charge/discard); and will feed the clock.

Green Wind Master, Rafaga
     This card ended up beeing very disappointing.
First of, it doesn't synergise with the clock.
But more importantly, even if you discount this weakness, this card stays decent but not more. It is very nice against aggressive decks (10k wall, that deals 4 per turn). But looses to destruction effects and is extremly scared of counterattack.
For the very few safe situations where it can shine, it is not worth taking that much room.

Champion Wrester Asmodai
    The wash effect can put you in a bad spot if you don't have enought effect/spell to draw (Nice one/Ace).  So in the end, Champion wrestler's skill is just meh.
     If you add all the weakesses of the card (cost, fragility, lack of interaction with the rest of the deck), Champion wrestler isn't a good side option in my opinion.

Size 2

Magic Knights of Bonds, Dunkelheit & Licht (DunkLicht)
    The new star of the deck.
    They are, with the clock the second win condition of the deck : sitting behind them and keeping them alive. And with 7k defense and a innate dragobond skill, it is very easy to do.

Center of the World, Mary Sue
    The second key card of the deck.
    A monster in term of flexibility :
     If you have enough gauge, you can search your nice one to accellerate, shields to protect yourself, Nice one to reuse the on call effect next turn.
     If you don't have enough, you can search a gauge charger which is a good wash : you added two cards in your drop which fuels the clock.

Mary Sue, "Eternal Ideal!"
    She looks good on paper, but didn't show up in the playtests.
   First of, the  weakness of the impact monsters (not beeing useable in main phase) is more expose here than on any other cards. You can't use Kosher, Dendo, you are forced to wait a turn to cast the spell you salvaged.
    The draw condition is very painful. You already have an important number of cards that can't/shouldn't be used early (DunkLicht/Clock/Rafaga if you use it).
     And finally, she doesn't combo well with the new main star of the deck : DunkLicht who don't want to be squeezed by another monster.
Her only strenght is in combo with both Mary sue and Andy for easy pluses (but you need all three cards)
and the ability to give the finishing touch, with two extra damages that can end the game, while still beeing safe (you can grab a shield and possibly draw a second one).

Magical Secretary, Genjuro Saki / Herb Magician, Soichiro Tenjiku [The spell assists]
    These guys can create nice ressource advantage (free nice one, magic glue). If you don't have spell to combo with them just discard them.
    Between both, I cannot say which one is better. A lot of players prefer Saki's 2 crits, but Teijiku's 5k defense can be extremly valuable.
     When Sealed Magic Arts, Zustein is released, I am probably gonna cut them for him.

Dragowizard, Gorgas
     An option I cruelly overlooked. Stalling with Dendo can still be extremly potent in certain match up. I am thinking of putting it x1.

Size 1

Magic Artist, Andy
   This card is the heart of the deck. It is what keeps the gauge going to create a maximum of card advantage. And it is packed with a solid 2 crits.
    His weekness is a total lack of power. But cards like DunkLicht, Asmodai can overcome this issue.

Demon Lord, Asmodai
     It is not a Wizard, but it can fix the problem of board control Wizard has. And it is one of the best card in the whole game in this category. If your deck is running well, you will have enought card to afford the condition.

Transmitter, Dendo

    A wizard Key of solomon. This is extremly good as unlike Kos it does things in the drop. You shouldn't turn your gauge engine solely around him as he is conditional and cannot be searched by Mary sue.

Magician of Glass, Will Glassart
  Glassart's skill is incredible.It is basically an on hit Nice one !
  The problem is that you will never trigger it as your oponent will throw all the counter to him. And Wizard doesn't have any 3 criticals to punish this.
    This is why I play the Battle Wizard, The Straight over him as he deals the same amount of dammage and can be game changing in  the hand.

    I don't think Axia is worth outside of burn wizard.
    In grind wizard, Axia's main strengh is with Andy for a triple size 1 stance. But the triple 1 stance has become a lot less effective while the 2/1 stance has become even more important.
So here goes Axia's main strength.

Size 0

Battle Wizard, The Ace
    Very nice draw engine. With DunkLicht, Tempest wing, Asmodai ; you have enough to make sure she doesn't becomes a dead card.


Great Spell, My Grandfather Clock
    This card is very potent. As long as you aren't struggling in term of ressources, this card pretty much seal the deal. As you can dish out an outstanding amount of damage with that "two turn in one" (much more damage than an usual slow deck would do).
    And you really don't loose much ressources : you loose one card and two gauges and you second turn will pay back the card and one gauge.
    Optimizing and playing your deck around it is the key for success with Wizard.

Happy Camper
    This card does much more than what people think
    It counters shadow dive and is an additional help against penetrate.
   But that is not all.
-It allows to play open center to use Symphonyum's 2 crits.
-Opens It's alll cool to protect your monsters
-Considerably slows down aggro decks as you now technically have two monsters protecting your centter.
(-Also helps fufilling Dendo and Do or die's condition)

    It has multiple weakesses (opens an exposed play timing, your opponent can destroy it and start ignoring your side, it is also a -1). This is why you should at each game consider if you should set it or not. If not, just discard it, it is a Wizard.

Nice one !
    This card used to be a stapple in Magic world.
    But I find it very weak nowadays. With the powercreep, free card advantage is not that interesting anymore. Especially when it is just a CA+1.

LOL, Of course, this card is still a must x4.

    This card has been very disappointing. Asmodai is now an important size 1, which disables Kosher on a 2/1 formation and you sometime find yourself playing solo size 2 formation. You can charge kosher if you have it in the incorrect situation, but there are much better situational cards now (magical glue, nothing to it, battlewizards...)

Great Spell, Special Elegant Amazing Wall
    I really don't see this as a valid alternative to the clock. Yes it has much easier condition, but the skill is also much less effective : it doesn't skip the +1.5 the opponent will gain with drawing and charging and it let the opponent recreate his own defense. And nail on the coffin, it is one gauge too expensive.

Kos engine (Key of solomon, first volume, Key of solomon, second volume
    Before, I was more and more sceptical about the Kos engine.
Now that we have Dendo and the Straightwe have less room for Key of solomon 1. With fewer Kos1, Kos2 seems even less optimal.
    So prefer Never Say Never who does more alone (except if you fear spell cancel).

Abra Cadabra!
    The gauge curve of the deck have gone up (+DunkLicht, less Spell assist). So it is complicate to fit it in.
   Also if this card looks very cool against certain decks that are focused on powerful spells. But once those spells are already activated, this card is dead. And with the price, Mary sue search seems like a bad idea.

BAR King Solomon
    This card is very good in certain match ups. Wizard has the possibility to rush it (you can frequently set it turn 0 with mary sue). So x1 in the main is an interesting idea.
   The issue is that it is that this rush is extremly expensive. If you dont have any gauge effect you just cant afford it.
    Also the -1.5 might set you back more than it does to your opponent.

Hundred Demons Sorcery, No-Brainer
    I can't say how thankful I am that Bushi gave us this wizard. It is such a strong wall taker.
It has a bit of weaknesses (Snake gaze, counter destruction...), but if you are aware of the counter, you can try to play around it. And even if there is no counterplay, the risk is worth the reward.
    Tips : No brainer + DunkLicht. If you are playing a deck with non conditional counter destruction, you can activate DunkLicht's skill, then put no brainer on him. If your opponent has a counter destruction, he will have to cast it on DunkLicht's skill (which you can decide to not resolve to spare one wizard). If he doesn't, you wasted a Wizard. But that is ok since you avoid letting your oponent destroying DunkLicht in reaction to no brainer which can loose you the game straight up.


   That is really a tricky part. Outside of Magical goodbye, every counters are situational or match up  dependant.
    Unlike a Hero build were "I've seen through your moves" and "Justice will prevail" are pretty much x4s staple.
    Even after all the playtests, I cannot assure you I have the perfect counter line up.
    So playtest to see what suits your playstyle and meta the best.

    At the beginning, i wanted to compare this card to Compulsory evacuation device of the yugioh game. But this card has nothing to see because of the game context : in Buddyfight, a standart class counter spell is a minus.
    This is why the flaws that Compulsory evacuation device should not be considered on Magical Goodbye, and only the advantage : the versatility.
    No card can be as versatile as this one : negate attack,  protect monster from anything, clear the center... The only limit is your imagination.

It's All Cool!
That`s How I Roll
    Those are the two main shields in my opinion. The first request Happy camper to protect your monster but can protect from direct attack but unlike the first it doesn't worry about getting your monster removed by effect.
    None of the are perfect so you will have to test for the ratio between them.

    I don't main it anymore as it cannot protect my monsters. But you should keep it in side against unstoppable attacks (Sun dragon, black dragon...).

Solomon's shield
    It's all cool and that's how I roll do the job better. Especially when it comes to protecting DunkLicht.

Hundred Demons Sorcery, Do or Die
    This card has a lot of potential. It is an extremly conditionned card but also the best counter skill in the world.
I recommend you to try it.

     It is very expensive yes. But it is the only card that can negate any of the monster's skills. So it can be extremly powerful against certain match ups. Like knight (kamil), dual dragon (godol arc)...
Magic glue

Nothing to It!
    This is the perfect silver bulllet.

    It is very powerful in the correct match-up and situation. It can be searched if needed. In the wrong match up, it is still a wizard.
    I highly recommend you maining one.

Magical Glue
     Very powerful cards against  items decks which can slow size 2s as back up strenght.
    It is versatile enough to be main decked.
    And considering how Wizard struggles against Hero world and how effective this card is against them, I highly recommend doing so.


   I am questionning if gunrod is a good idea in Wizard. If you have Happy camper you can use Symphonyum or ping 2's 2 crits. If you don't, you need at least 3 turns to make them interesting.
    And you might be one card too short because you used it to equip your weapon.
    If you still wanna play a gunrod, the question is Symphonion or Boesendorfer. The way I build Wizard, Symphonyum wins it because it spares a gauge which is very important for the gauge curve.

Burning fist is still a possibility (or the 72 pillars book if you prefear a gauge cost).

Ninth Omni Brave Lord, Mukuro
     That was an idea a friend gave me, I wasn't convinced and ended up forgetting it.
     But now I am much more interested in it. You won't use his skill, but a 5/2/5 vanilla item is nothing to sneeze at in Magic world.


New-Era Great Spell, The Creation
    This card is incredible against slow decks. But very bad against fast decks. Wizard has trouble dealing against fast deck plus we are in a fairly aggro meta right now.
So I had to cut this card for defense to survive against rush.

    But it is very nice in slower metas as you can always ditch it against the few aggro decks and it will give you another name for the clock.

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