mercredi 15 mars 2017

Thoughts about the new wizard support

TLDR : Gunrod, Hammer Schmidt Type-CLA will be incredible, Amanosuzu Chance has potential thanks to Hammer Schmid, the rest is decent.

Gunrod, Hammer Schmidt Type-CLA : first of it costs one life. In wizard where gauge is (was ?) tight, life cost is definitly better than gauge. 
    It has standard burn effect. It mills two cards AND you have a chance to gauge one ! That's just crazy !
   With just the milling part it already looked intesting as it will help setting up great spells. But Bushi added a 3/4 chance to get a gauge. One of the things that Wizard need the most.
Icing on the cake, it is a wizard attribut.

Symphonyum's 2 crits and salvage effect will be missed tho :'(

Noble Magician, Suzuha :
She really lacks stats. Power ? Nope. Critical ? Nope. Defense ? At least she doesn't loose to boomerang dragon. That' something I guess...
Because her effect is not garantee, using her as a spell (getting ride of her as soon as her effect resolve to call a monster with better stats) is not possible.
Had her stats been 3/1/1 instead of 1/1/3,  she would have been a nice link attacker.

Magic artillery Soldier, Canooner
She is a great addition against soul based decks as she can hit any cards in any souls (forces hades fall, kaizerion soul).
She is not good against soul tanks (not effecive enough). But No brainer is here for that.
Alas, she is just an counter meta card,  that is not enough to seriously push Wizards.

Great Spell, Amanosuzu Chance
My first thought were : Another great spell that's cute. But that isn't what Wizard really needed. Wizard is just too slow and great spells too gauge expensive. playing multiples great spell will result in dead hands.
Now that Hammer Schmid is out, the potential of great spells have shoot up, and I think I will play 1 or 2 new alongside my 2 grandfather clock.
It complets Clock very well, the issue with the clock is that it's effectiveness relies on the ressources you already have. Frequently, I was able to use the clock, but I didn't have the monsters to kill my opponent. Amanosuzu Chance will give you the cards you need to finish the game. We must test it to see if that really work but potential is here.

Now that I read the effect again, Bushi could have been more generous, 2 cards is still a -0,5 >.>

Skelton of grind wizard :

Up to 2 Tempest wing : he really feels to fragile now. I think I will cut him out.

3 Dunkheilt & Licht
4 Mary sue
Up to three Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Einst : I am not sold on his effectiveness, but I will give hip a try
2 Impact mary sue : quicker acces to her full potential + salvage great spells that were milled.
3-4 Andy
Up to two Asmodai
2 Battlewizard, The straight
Size 1 toolboxes with Einst :
Mary sue Sd
Mage disciple, Rody /Black demon swordman, blade alice.
Actor knights, the magician
3 The ace
4 Hammer Schmid

4 Nice one !
1-2 Happy camper
2 Never say never
1 Dendo
1 The creation
2 Grandfather clock
1-2 Amanosuzu chance
4 Magical goodbye
4-6 Dragon Spell, Hiding Bomber and Do or Die : Those cards are here to clear the opponent's center.
3 Shadow crusader: defense and mill
2 It's all cool or That's how I Roll
1 Nothing to it !

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