dimanche 19 avril 2015

The basics 2 : The archetype written on the card isn't obviously the one where it should be played

    Archetypes are here to preserve game diversity.

    If any cards were available in all decks, only one deck would be playable : a best of the best of all the cards that are available at the moment. Don't get me wrong, it is interesting in its own way since there will always be interesting techs, but a big part of all the dcks will be the same.

    It will also make balance team's work very hard, and dangerous. Some crazy-ass combo could appear at any times.
    This is why every cards are attached to one or two archetypes, which are the only decks where the card can be played.

     But sometimes, the opposite is true : one card is given an archetype where he is not good at. The important part is that he is denied an archetype for balance purposes.
    I will give two examples :
Rescue Dragon, Metamorph Effect from the super heroes. This card only use is in Card burn deck (Brave machine), to take the name of one of the missing pieces. We can imagine it's use in Super hero with "I knew somthing like this would happen", but if you think twice, it is bad, and useless without the two piecess of the combo.

    The second one  is Armorknight Harty. It is a situational
-He protects Harty from attack thanks to the redirection. And they C ombo well : now Harty don't just stop link attack, it also prevents monsters with less than 4k power from attacking.
-it allows you to play a full set of Demon slay barriere and Battle spirit union.
    So yes, Harty is a Duel dragon hidden under the fourrure of a Armorknight.
card. And even against the decks it is supposed to counter,  it is ok at most : armorknight has no protection,  harty will not last long. But in dual dragon ? Demongodol changes everything !

    I want to extend this article to two other points : you sometimes have to play cards who arent in your archetype because your archetype is missing an equivalent or because the card is far too good.

    Hunter Serge could have perfectly play a size 3 Duel dragon instead of Armorknight Demon. But Demon is so strong that it outclasses every other size 3 in Danger world. Well thought changes like that push your deck to its maximum potential and will give you the edge in a tournament.
    Nightfly dragon Rahal is mandatory in Armorknight.  Move is needed in any decks which turns around Weapon

   This is it for my article.  If i were to do a TL;DR, it would be : "Open your mind, don't restrict yourself to the cards of your archetype. Consider every cards legally playable,  even Generic". For instance,  in your next Skull Water, why dont you try in your tests Demon kid. He is not water, but free call is always interesting when you have spare return to the underworld (no result promised, i haven't done any playtest on that).

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