mercredi 8 avril 2015

Hero world thoughts (Super Hero)

    Today, i want to talk about Hero world. More precisely Super Hero (i haven't tested Brave machine yet). At the beggining, i wanted to make a video about it. But i wasn't happy of the quality of content i produced, and since i am far more confortable writting articles than making videos, i decided to switch it to an article.

     I won't give any decklists because the decklist I have right now is far from optimal. There are a lot of things that are beeing tested, and that must be tested. What i rather do, is giving my impressions.

     For those who are willing to build the deck, i can reassure you : the deck will have a very good spot in the meta.

      The ride and transform mechanics are far too good. For those who were wondering, there is no difference between Ride and Transform outside of the name. Consequently it restricts ride to the machines and transform to the heros (a Superhero who asks you to be transformed will not work if you are rided by a Brave machine and vice versa).

     Even if the equipping monsters did not give any defense to the player, it would be good.
     The power and criticals are very high for a very low cost (usually 1 gauge),
     the monster is not a dead draw if you draw it two time;
     and the drawback is very low : called as a regular monster, it is a Dragon world vanilla which is more than enough.
The fact that you now have defense make it broken for two reasons :
    -it shuts down some cards very hard. Every cards with high critical low power are now forced to link attack if they want to hit, which can be canceled by « I've seen through your move » (Hero world's Center shield).    -You can counter attack. Hunter Serge and TimPower gamer said that in Tim's second meta analyses (please do watch this video after, it is really worth it) : Counterattack has been erratad, and can now be given to any cards. Also in the official Q&A, it is stated that : « Any weapon with Defensive stats can counter attack ». So, if you give Counterattack to your weapon, you will be able to destroy one of the attacking monster no matter the outcome of the attack : If the attack goes through, you will take the damages, but the weapon will of course not be destroyed, and it will be ready to Counterattack. This basically turns Hero's battle booster into a Counter Death touch. You can then get ride of a monster that was protecting the oppponent's center or stop double attack in their track.

H-SD02-0011 (Sample)     This new monster-equipping mechanic carries this world by himself. There are of course some very good cards (Hyper energy, RD Dragonshovel...), but they are only icing on the cake.

     Hopefully, Hero world has a few flaws :
    -the defensive line up is at most ok. The probeme is that they only have 3 defensive options (Battle booster, Center null, and an Instant DEATH clone). It is very restricted and lack of versatility. And while the cards are good, they are not good enought to balance this problem (unlike Dungeon's defensive line up).
    -they have no recover. This is their main problem. To gain cards, they have an Abyss Symfonie, but this is all. No Continue ! Or Forever.

     So this is how I feel on Super hero. It is now your time to build your own deck, Hero's TD will be out in 3 weeks for a nice appetizer.
    Do note that a lot of things will be different than Brave Machine. The biggest one beeing the lack of battle booster ; so no Counter-attack shenaningans available.

    Until next time, raise your flag, please.

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