mercredi 28 octobre 2015

Deck review : Hero (Legend world)

      Hero is a control / grind deck.
      The deck was really struggling at first because it was filled of low stated monsters which needed to link attack to get their  bad effect. The deck is now very good, but play none of those link attack monsters. Keep in mind that they exist, we never know, their effect might become handy.
       Hero is an open center deck which turns around a toolbox of weapon which can be changed for no cost thanks to the Equipment change ability.

TL;DR : Hero (Legend world), 3rd place French WCQ

samedi 24 octobre 2015

Complexity of gamestate

    One of the numerous things I learned while reading Yugioh articles, which you can find in the librarie here, is the notion of complexity of gamestate.

lundi 19 octobre 2015

Blog update : Going to Twitter

     Hello guys,
what's up ?

   As previously said, there will be another article this week. It hasn't been written yet, but I promiss it will be released this week. I will give more informations about that on Twitter.

    About twitter, I re-started using it to throw some random thought. It will also be used for any update on article and blog.
    Weekly Blog update will now be published on Twitter or more precisely TwittLonger. The reason is simply because I want my blog to be free of those kind of very temporary article. Any old Blog update article has been erased.

    So I hope to see you for my next article this week
    And on twitter next Monday.

   Until next time,
   raise your flag...

vendredi 16 octobre 2015

Why Water never broke out ?

    Water (or skull water) is a highly defensive deck. It is turning around Water Technique, Shinotsukuame which turns all your monsters into big walls. When we see White Dragon Hermit, Nanase turn into a free Sieger, it is legitimate to think that this deck will be huge. Eventually, nothing happened...
    Why ? I will review all those weaknesses, and what we can learn from it.

lundi 5 octobre 2015

05/10 Blog update : Not much incoming

     Hello guys, what's up ?

      Again, I can't promise you any article soon. Maybe if something happen, I would write something about it; but otherwise nothing must be coming soon. I am looking for a topic for the basics serie to complete this lack of article incoming.

       I wished arena was updated, because I am not motivated at proxying right now.

       Sorry I could not bring anything more joyful

jeudi 1 octobre 2015

Kaizerion's death

      The full extension of HBT3 has now been revealed. And within those cards, two generics cards have caused very strong rections. Here are those two cards : Barbared wire, Size 0 monster, pay 1 gauge, discard, -2k defense, -2kpower, -2 crits on the opponent's weapon (I haven't found the wiki page sorry).

      Kaizerion has been dominating since it's release. This is because Kaizerion allies very good stats, Soulguard which removes 90% of the anti-item options (plus the fact that kaizerion is not a weapon, consequently not affected by anti-weapons like Double guillotine), and makes the best uses of the Ace-like brave machine (Beast Deity, Tigerthrust, Bird Deity, Sabird and Ocean Deity, Slashark).
     This reign of terror is about to end with the release of the two cards present previously.  But this does not come without any problem.

      Hunter serge made a video about it. And topic / meme started flourishing on the FB group.
      Make sure to watch Hunter's video before reading the rest of the article.
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