jeudi 1 octobre 2015

Kaizerion's death

      The full extension of HBT3 has now been revealed. And within those cards, two generics cards have caused very strong rections. Here are those two cards : Barbared wire, Size 0 monster, pay 1 gauge, discard, -2k defense, -2kpower, -2 crits on the opponent's weapon (I haven't found the wiki page sorry).

      Kaizerion has been dominating since it's release. This is because Kaizerion allies very good stats, Soulguard which removes 90% of the anti-item options (plus the fact that kaizerion is not a weapon, consequently not affected by anti-weapons like Double guillotine), and makes the best uses of the Ace-like brave machine (Beast Deity, Tigerthrust, Bird Deity, Sabird and Ocean Deity, Slashark).
     This reign of terror is about to end with the release of the two cards present previously.  But this does not come without any problem.

      Hunter serge made a video about it. And topic / meme started flourishing on the FB group.
      Make sure to watch Hunter's video before reading the rest of the article.

Was it on purpose ?

   If it was Bushiroad choice to make Kaizerion broken to sell product this discussion stops here :  this is not something that can be defended. And if a similar situation happens again (a broken deck arises right at the time of the BWC) nobody will be able to defend Buhiroad anymore. The evidences Hunter brings about that are very good. But I do think it is not a move made on purpose.
        Let's compare it to a true 'Konami move'. Konami releases a broken deck to sell the product, and then 6 months later, they destroy it (althought decks lasts a bit longer now).  Yes, they make it last at least 6 months. Because they want the players who bought the deck to feel the expense was worth it. How long Brave machine have been out for ? Two months. Definitly, if I buy a deck because it is op (and not because I like it), I expect it to last longer. than this. There is no way Bushiroad did this move thinking that they will be able to rince and repeat each year. Since in the result of this move, the players who faced Brave machine get frustrated; but the one who bought brave machine aren't happy neither.

Side effects

      If Kaizerion's dominance was a mistake. Did they react correctly and fixed it the right way ?
       Yes it will also affect all the other weapon based decks. But it won't affect them as much as they affect Kaizerion.
     Your opponent has Halbert, Dragoarcher and Sunfist. You rest Sunfist... You stopped your opponent from dealing you 2 damages. But there are still two attacks left. Brave machine puts all their eggs into Kaizerion's basket which is not the case of all other weapons based decks.
      And there was already more than enough weapon hate cards already. Would you prefere loosing your weapon to guillautine cutter, or would you rather loose one attack from Barbared wire ?

       The only real problem it brings is that it hurts the other Hero world's deck. Or does it ? Yes Quartet 5 are beeing hit hard by those new cards because they rely on Dziem. But there is much more in hero world than that : Gaigrander, Rescue dragon, Dark hero, Tako burn... Shadow vs hero brought much than Kaizerion to Hero world.

Is kaizeiron dead ?

     It is evident that Kaizerion is not as effective as it was before. Any deck now have counter to it.
     But those cards are in my opinion not worth playing main deck. Soo kaizerion still has a dominant game 1. And the counters are not that broken. Then only slow Kaizerion for one turn.
       Also I think that Brave machine can be builded while beeing less reliant on Kaizerion. People will have to be creative about that. And I really like it, the player which will find the best options for the deck will be the winner.

      Finally, because of the lack of efficacy the two cards have against non Kaizerion decks, they will not stay in everybody's sideboard forever. Once Kaizerion looses popularity, pople will remove it's counter; wich will mean Kaizerion will be free to rise again.


     What should we think about it ? Definitly there was a lot of other thinks Bushiroad could have
done to prevent it (make ride/transform monsters an item...).  But it turned out that way and both Players and Bushiroad had to deal with it. And overall, Bushiroad dealed with it in a good way.
     I think the conclusion of this story will happen in one year. If another op deck appeares right at the time of the BWC,  that means that the Kaizerion dominance was Bushiroad's will which is unacceptable.

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