jeudi 15 octobre 2015

TL;DR : Water

The water deck I used to test the deck for my next article.

Size 3 (2)
2 Fang Style Ninja, Kibashachi

Size 2 (9)
4 Cat Shadow, Aoihime
4 White Dragon Hermit, Nanase
1 Third Omni Water Lord, Miserea

Size 1 (10)
4 Moss Wall, Fudogame
4 Runaway Female Ninja, Yukishiro
1 Crazed Surging Waves, Makaizou (Disperser of Conflagration, Shiromizuchi is an option too)
1 Sea-splitting Irukamaru

Size 0 (2)
2 Rampage, Chizomegumo

Spell (23)
3 Demon Way, Geppakugiri
4 Demon Way, Shienrekka
2 Ninja Arts, Snake Gaze
2 Sword Skill, Sen-no-Sen
3 Demon Way, Oborogenbu

3 Return to the Underworld
1 Odd Ritual, Skull Festival
3 Water Technique, Shinotsukuame

2 Hundred Demons' Tome of Judgement

Item (4)
4 Fiendish Blade, Urahonekui


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