samedi 30 mai 2015

Deck review : Wizard

Quick overview :

   Wizard is a grind deck. They avoid fighting the opponent's monsters. They kill slowly but surely their opponent with 2 criticals attacks and burns.
   To protect themself, they don't use destruction but disturbtion effect (mainly bounce).

vendredi 29 mai 2015

Deck review : Purgatory knights

Quick overview :

    Purgatory knights is a control/Aggresive deck in Darkness dragon world. As a DDW deck, they can abuse all the goods Counters cards DDW have. They are turning around the ally-destruction mechanics with monsters who get enhanced when tributing a ally, and monsters who gets their effects activated when their are tributed.

Description :

    Purgatory knights is or a control or an aggressive deck with a lot of versatility.
   They have field control (most of your monsters have more than 6k power, destruction effects), and a good defense (mad Halberd, your size 3 monster, and one of the best counter line up)  which allow you to play control.
   And power play such as Demios' 6 attacks play, you can aggro your opponent. The problem is that this power play is very fragile and risky.
   If you call Knuckleduster, Eval grebe, Demios and equip with an item, you try to deal 11 damages, but if your opponent destroy or bounce your Demios, you only have your knuckleduster and Eval grebe which deal only 3 damages. This play is heavily reliant on Demios. And Demios has no self protection. This is why I cannot rate Damage higher than 50.
   Also if you go for an aggressive play, you cannot call one of your defensive monster (Mad halbert, size 3...).

   A Demios' attack formation is the most infamous part of the deck, but overall, PK have far more options than this, consequently is far from beeing reliant on this card.
    And having Forever which can give you any of your Purgatory knights gives the deck even more options.

    PK Forever, Abyss symfony/Life dwells into hades too and Eval grebe gives you just the ressources needed.
   In term of gauge, they have very low gauge cost, and Crossbow can give you just what is needed.
   I cannot give them more in terrm of power play, Size 3 + lots of protection and Demios' attack formation are the only two power plays, and the second one can easily be countered.

Match ups :

   Because of Demios' fragility, Purgatory knights tends to be less effective against decks with options against him. But against decks that haven't (Dragon world, Legend world) they can easily go ham and make the opponent struggle.
   But overall they don't have any horrible match up because of the deck versatility.

Interested in the deck ? Learn more about individual cards in  Deck playtest


Rate a deck part 2 : Decks strengths

   Now that we know how decks are played according to their playstyles, we can see it's strengh and weaknesses.

    Knowing a deck strengh and weakness is a very interesting thing : it can help your build by letting you know what you should look to fix with personnal techs, and let you know what you should keep in mind while playing the deck.
     And it is a very good reflection exercice : you will rearrange the ideas you get from the playtests.

     This is why I highly recommend to any Buddyfight content creators to do the same. Not only it is usefull for the viewer / reader, but it will also help you have clearer ideas (I did it with Wizard and Purgatory knight, and it was usefull).

lundi 18 mai 2015

Rate a deck part 1 : Deck style

     This article is the beggining of a two article serie to define all the criteria for a deck.
When I talk about deck, i mean archetype. Not someone's build. We consider the most optimal build of the archetype.
    As much as possible I want to make something general where everybody will agree with. This is why I picked opinion on this subject.
     I want to thank Bradley Stone, Wesley Small, Osvaldo, Reversed and Kingofthepanda who took time to answer my question. It really helped !

     We will first see what are all the styles a deck can have, what playstyle does it run.

samedi 16 mai 2015

TLDR Purgatory Knights (Archives)

no spoil...
Size 3 (3)
     2 Divine Demon Slayer, Amenoohahari
     1 Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Tenbu

Size 2 (7)
    4 Purgatory Knights Leader, Demios Sword Dragon
    3 Purgatory Knights, Mad Halberd Dragon

Size 1 (10)
    4 Purgatory Knights, Eval Grebe Dragon
    4 Purgatory Knights, Gairahm Lance Dragon
    2 Purgatory Knights, Angry Hand Dragon / Purgatory Knights, Sword Breaker Dragon

Size 0 (6)
     3 Purgatory Knights, Knuckleduster Dragon
     3 Purgatory Knights, Crossbow Dragon

Spells (18)
     4 Death Grip
     3 Dark energy
     4 Black dragon shield
     3 Abyss symfony
     4 Purgatory Knights, Forever
Items (6)
     4  Evil Death Scythe
     2 Purgatory Sword, Fatal 

Decks playtest : Purgatory Knight

    Purgatory Knight, is THE DECK everybody is waiting for. One of the most hyped deck in Buddyfight. Before the deck even makes his premier, I am here to analyse it.
    (No this article has not been written after HBT01 released, and no i am not trying to fool you).

Latest update : HEB04 Buddy AllStars

samedi 9 mai 2015

Toronto's grand final analyse seconde game

    72 pillars open with Buer once again, cast Nice one ! and hits for one.

    Thunder Knights then calls TK Drums (with 1 soul), and Buddycalls Boomerang Dragon. He hits
bruel with Drum. 72p, answers with Check it out and bounce and recall Buer. Boomerang then attacks Buer. He used a card and a gauge to save 3 lifes, which is a wash. He loses Check it out ! which is a very important out  though.

Toronto's grand final analyse first game

    Welcome guys to my new video... Oh wait.
    At first i wanted to analyse the final with a video, but it was complicated and because i got recked by my video recorders (OBS crashed, and Bandicam is limited to 10 minutes), i gave up. And i decided that i will review it on paper.

    The final was recorder by Debauchery Tea party, you can find the link right here. I also want to thank him to allow me to use his video for my vide... article.

     Shawn (72 pillars) is facing  Michael (Thunderknights).
    Since I am lazy I will call them with their deck's name.

samedi 2 mai 2015

Greece first runner up Armorknight Ace deck

     As much as I was happily surprised by the Deep deck, Doxopulos Dimitris' Armorknight Ace deck left me a bit disappointed. This is probably because I had a lot more expectation from Dimitris' deck because i knew a lot more Ace than Deep, but there are still lots of things I would change in the deck.
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