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[Theory] Daily Analyses

Rampage Blaster!!
    The problem with this card is the same as every other second class impacts : it can get negated easily. Naturally the impacts are very situational. This card is even more because it requires one card precisely. If you add the risk of wasting  all that gauge for nothing, the card is really not worth it.

Card Rhino
Card Serpent
We now know the missing the missing pieces pf the puzzle.
    Serpent is just a vanilla.
    Rhino is very nice. Yes you loose 1 gauge every turn if you want to activate the penetrate,  but it will be worth it. You make  a +1 thanks to the penetrate,  -0, 5 for the gauge, this is a +0, 5.
Moreover, having a 6k penetrate hit every turn,  will make decks who likes to hide behind a center monster start to struggle very quickly. This is where the 6k defense of Rhino make the card even more paintfull, because hard to deal with unlike Medusa and Gigabeera who cannot live for more than one turn.
    But what is really important is to note that they actually dont bring anything to the cardburn strategy : they dont search for another piece of the combo nor help you set it by anyway.

Gigantic Cruser!!
    The card is a better Gargantua in Crimson battler (the fist archetype) deck. For one less gauge, you need to have a fist, and the impact can be negated (the damages cannot, but the impact can). The fist condition is not important, and so far only two cards can  negate an impact. And those are not played.
    In non-Crimson deck (like Thunder knight), you better play Garguatua. Dragoantem is a super good card. And you should not drop it and restrict yourself to fist items only for the sake of Gigantic crusher. Of course, if you were already prefering dracoknuckle and sun fist, go ahead play crusher. But if you were not, keep your gargantua.

Ninth Warrior, Neun
     A very nice card that is Unfortunatly restricted to the archetype Quarter four which is a pretty poor archetype so far. Because it only has some vanillas or transform.

Dragon Knight, Calamity Jane
     I don't like the card. Both optimals ways arent powerful : you rest the monster instead of attacking with him. An attack gives you a +1 where discarding a gauge only gives you +0.5. You get 0.5 less that what you should have. If you squeez the monster after ypu tapped him you get a -0.5. If the monster had on call ability, it would be interesting,   but dragon world doesn't have any size 1 monster with interesting on call ability.
   Some decks like wizard are very gauge dépendant,  but there are very few. And even against them, Jane doesn't shut them down hardly enough.

Ultimate Future Dragon, Drum the Future
    First of, i wanna say that i like a lot the picture. So shiny and beautiful. So what does the card do : 3 gauges and a card for an (technically) unstoppable attack. This is a finisher. Just like gargantua punisher.
    Outside of this closing game effect, is it interesting to play the card ? No. 2 gauges is too much. For two gauges, you have some far better card : for two gauges, i have Inferno Armor Dragon, who can pop up to two cards, for one more gauge, you have Gargantua blade dragon who +2 for sure.
     So this is a finisher, and finisher only. 3 gauges and 1 card in hand is easier to get than 4 gauges : if you are doing a quick big rush, you will end the game without using all your cards. In close game, they are as difficult.
     But this card has far more counters than Garguantua : every thing that remove one piece of the attack of the board will crush the combo.
     Also this is by far more forseeable. Against gargantua the only way to predict it is to see your opponent having 4 gauges, and even sometimes he can just cast dragonic charge at the end of the battle !
     I still prefer Gargantua.

Hyper energy
    4 gauges ?! Is this serious ? It gives twice what a gauger would give !
    With that beeing said, with my previous article "the basics" you now know that you can have a hundred gauges, if you dont have anything to spend those gauges, they are wasted ressources. 
    If clear serenity is played in ninja, it is because ninja is gauge intensive : they have the secret formations which cost 3 gauges, and a lot of cards to trade gauge for advantage. 
    On the other hand, Purgatory Knights have crush that body and Sustain mine but it isn't and shouldn't be played because all their good cards cost one or no gauge.
    So where does Hero world stands ? Cardburn require 4 gauges so it is clear that Cardburn.dek must play this card.  But for the other decks ? They are "normally" gauge intense.  More than pk and less than ninja. 4 gauges is too good to pass up and so much that you dont have to castmore than one
    A 3-of certainly.

Five Angles Dragon Emperor, Tenbu
     I am calling it right now ! If all the Angle/corner kings are as good as tenbu,we will see the beggining of the stapples.
    For those who don't know who the Angle/corner kings are (the official translation is not out yet) that is a new key word : [Angle King] (This card can be used with all flags. If your flag is not <The world where the cards belongs>, you may only have one "Five Angles Dragon Emperor, Tenbu" in your deck).
    And for those who don't know what stapple means, stapples are generic cards that are so strong that they are played in every single decks.
    And 2 gauges for a on call board sweep, this is stapple. As a comparison,  Power ray maximum is a good Magic world card, has the same cost, but is instead a spell, meaning it doesn't stay on field once the effect is completed, and it has a worst effect (6k or less defense).

Dragon Vanquishing Knight, Siegfried
    There hasn't been as much Dragon's hate as now. 1 gauge for on-call destruction is broken. And the monster doesn't even suffer that much from this, 4/2/5 beeing very good stats for a monster with move.
     This move keyword is really what make this card so good.
    All the cards with on call effects are useless once their effect is resolved : outside of their low stats attacks they won't create advantage. You want to call them, use their effect and get them destroyed by battle to open the space for a monster like Arthur for instance. You can of course squeeze them, sometime this is the better solution, but you usually prefer to force an attack from your opponent.
    If this card didn't have Move, it should have been called on the center, and you could not have attacked with a weapon because of that.
     To sum up, this card really doesn't slow your tempo, it comes to the field, do his job, attack and force an attack during the next turn.

     This is even so good i might consider running some main deck (except in the Star Archetype who must set Star Celestial, Astraios and not move it).
Swear Dragon Emperor, Champion Lord
    The problem with Ancient world is that its decks are one trick poney : you call your boss and you stick to it. If the monster goes away, you can pack up your deck. Because if you didn't die from the life link, you certainly don't have enough ressources to call another boss.
    Champion lord only costs two gauges at two lifes. Meaning if it dies you can definitly call another monster.
     Also the forcing attack effect enable you to play safe while dodging shadow dive and having your center open for some weapon. This certainly anounce Ancient world's weapons.
    The only problem that is not fixed by this card is that there is nothing Ancient world can do while it's board is empty. If your opponent death damage your monster and rush you, you cannot do anything about it.
     I am really looking forward to see how Ancient world will work out in the futur.

    On another note, as it is a dragon, it can be played in Dragon ein in combination with the Dragon worlds shields.

Superhero Hunter, Sieben
     This is a far more balanced version of Rampage Sonic. 5/2 is good stats for 1 gauge. And the 5k defense this card have over the other items are balanced by the 1 gauge each attack close.
     This is not officially confirm, but since the price is payed after the card declared it's attack, you don't have to pay if you don't have any gauge. A very interesting point that will force you to play with no gauge.
     This card would have been played because she is good, but unfortunatly there are broken Transform released in the same pack who overshadow Sieben.

RD Mach Braver
    1/1/4 Move are they good stats ? Not really. It is nice to have a monster to move to your center, but if that monster is close from useless during your attack phase, this is not worth it.
    And if you use it as a shield ? Not that much neither. It costs 1 gauge, 4k defense is ok, but your opponent will certainly not try to attack you with low attack because you already have your item's defense. The main weakness is that it will take a size 1. If you already have the optimal set up (2/item/1), then you will be forced to loose a second card from the attack.
    This is super strong with Ultimate Card Burn, but outside of that, i am not convince on the potential of the card.

Card Burn & Ultimate Card Burn
    Card burn was the teaser of Hero world in BT5. And upon it's release, we didn't really know what it did. We could suppose that it would call a Win condition. And now that we know what Ultimate Card Burn does, we still don't know how good the card is because we are missing half of the puzzle, but we know that once Ultimate Card Burn hits the field, the gamestate heavily swings into the owner's favor.
   Another Gold ritter.dek for the better, or for the worst.

Captain Answer
     What a nice card ! Very strong, and far more balance than Explosive Speed in my Opinion 5/2/4 is ok for 2 gauges. And having one chance out of two to get double attack for one gauge is very nice too. This is ok~ when Captain Answer is a monster, but this becomes very strong when he turns into an item because of the lack of defensive option against items.
    Of course, this is base on random and you will eventually run out of gauge if you keep spamming his ability. But if Hero world now gets a card to control the top deck, it will push this card to the top, and i am fine with that !

CP Lightning Chaser
    This guy is so nice. Spring Heeled Jack is good, but if there is no monster on the opposite field, or only monster which are not threatening (like zlatorog); Jack considerably become less usefull. But CP still has his two crits for direct attack. Jack must stick to one role, but CP can do both roles very well. This card fixes all the problems of an already good card.

Explosion Speed, Rampage Sonic
     I feel really bad right now, feel bad because this card is the exact definition of broken, card that totally overshadowed an older one. So far Transform says that the card is now a item at full time, with its defensive stats, and doesn't count in the size limit.
    Let's compare to swirling darkness, 3/3 item for 1 gauge. This card is 5/3 for one gauge... This card does not have the weapon attribute thus not Double Guillautinabled, and this card have freaking 3k defense !! Swirling darkness is so much underwhelming now this makes me sick.
     "But if you have already an item on the field, this card then have bad stats..." What up ?! If you have an item, Swirling darkness cannot even be played !
    The only thing that would hold him back would be if Hero world was composed fully of monster with transform. Allowing the deck to have a broken item. But this isn't likely to happen since Hero world already has CP Lightning Chaser, RD Mach Braver...

BP Decker Drum
    As usual, we have our dedicated Drum (only DDW, legend world and Danger world don't have their Drum. But as they are the baddies, it seems logical).
    And, i don't really like the card. 2 gauges are nice in a world who have very few ways to deal with monsters and who can easilly access to gauges (legend world for instance).  But so far Hero is doesn't have a good gauge fuel, and already have good destruction effects (RD Dragshovel, I saw, There Is!, Draw Away the Lackeys! ). Meaning Drum is only a one trick poney that is here to take down size 3s. And Hero world has very good size 3s for that.

Crimson Battler, Drum Bunker Dragon
     3k for penetrate, the trade is very worth it. We don't know all the potential crimson battle have now, but drum bunker dragon will be a big part in this deck. 2k defense is not that much, but with one soul and the dragon world protections (shields, dragobon...) you can easily make if live for more than one attack. And his attacks will hurt ! 3 criticals penetrate is a lot. Even when your opponent doesn't have anything in the center, 3 crits is a relevant threat.
    Also this card is a great addition to the Drum Deck even though they certainly won't use it's penetrate effect : it really likes Drums who gets its soul from the deck in order to fill Super Armordragon Drum's soul.

Star Bow, Artemis Arrow
    The item pool of Legend world is now both big and very diverse. There is gauge item (Rune staff), defensive items (Ice Shield Deity, Svalinn, Divine Protection, Prydwen and Divine Armor, Aegis ) and now offensive item (artemis arrow).
     I don't think it is possible to say which  one one is better. It will depend on the playtests, and on the player's philosophy.
    Note : i am excluding the swords, which are designed for hero and need an open center to be effective.

Starfall Night
      Ruling : when a direct attack is declared, even if you call to the center, the attack will still go through. 
                    When the target of an attack is destroy before the attack is finished, there is no replay, the attack ends, and the attacking monster is tapped, and won't attack for the rest of the turn (unless Double Attack of course).

     You can use this card to fill your center BEFORE an attack to avoid beeing attacked.Consequently you need to cast this cart preventively :
     you can cast it before the attack phase begins,
    or you can cast it when your opponent attack the monster in the center : You called on top of the monster, the old one will be destroyed but  the monster in the center would be destroy from the attack anyway. You still loose the center monster, but so far Legendary world doesn't have anything to protect a monster in the center, and you end up with a monster that protect your center.

     What makes this card really strong : credits to Blazanax for pointing that out on the Starfall Night 's wiki page:
     when your opponent activate an effect, you have Frozen Star and a Star on the right, you can cast this, call a monster on the left, and Frozen Star gets live and stops the effects.

Another combo with Astraios :
Rigel Orion
     By itself, the card is very nice : you can dig throught your deck and discard the dead draws. But what is really important is how he synergize with Astraios
     Remember what i said about Astraios : all the others monsters are now useless. You need spells to protect your life which are now the only possible target.
    Yes this card gets ride of your dead monsters in order to draw your spells.

Procyon Melampus
Moon Celestial, Selene
    Yes they are vanillas, but they are important. They have good stat, but they would be played anyway.
    What is really good is that they can be played while you have a Size 1 and Size 2 on the field : you can have Astraios and a Size 1 on the side to trigger Frozen Stars, and have your size 0 in the center to protect your life.

Astraios was a good start, but now things get serious :
Great Fate, Frozen Stars
     When you have stars on both lateral areas, you skill drain your opponent. The "effect cannot be nullified" clause is here when two Frozen stars conflicts with each other. But that doesn't make it unaffected to counter such as Abracadabra. You will find at the bottom rulings for Frozen stars.
    Now that we have technically seen  what this card does, let's see how it will affect the game.So, when thcome e effect is on, your opponent's set spell will be useless, and monster will only have their stats to do something.
    Of course, they can just destroy one of your monster and the effect will vanish. But what happens if your monsters will become indestructable ? Yeah you know what i am talking about (Astraios if you didn't read the first Daily Analyse).
    Hopefully this card has flaws : two gauges is ok, but if you add the two of Astraios, you go to 4 which is a lot : unless you call Zlatorog, you won't be able to set the combo turn 0/1; and once you have setted the combo you will most of the time not have the gauge for a Breathen Gard to protect the combo from the opposite spells.

Rulings that applies to Ragnarock which will also be true to Frozen Stars :
Q. "Actor Knights Magician" was destroyed by this card. Can I use the ability "When this card is destroyed, you may pay 1 gauge. If you do, draw a card" of "Actor Knight Magician"?
A. No, you cannot.
By the effect of this card, all abilties of monsters on the field are nullfied, and abilities with "When this card is destroyed" do not go into stand-by.

Q. Will cards [Lifelink] deal damage even after being destroyed by this card ?
A. No, they will not
As this ability nullifies [Life Link], no damage will be taken.

Star Celestial, Astraios
     Humm, at first stance, this card seems super dope. But when we look closer, we can see some crackles. This card just says : "you can only hit me now", and just start a stupid life race. Another card that did that was Final Showdown on the Great Gojo Bridge from Katana world. And with the lack of defensive spell legend world have, chances are you will loose the race.
    Another problem is : yes you have two monsters who cannot be destroyed, but apart of this effect, Astraios will not advance the game state that much, and will only attack with his 2 crit/6k power. And since you already used 2 levels out of 3 with this card, you rely on the other size 1 monster to give you card advantage.
     Since your monsters cannot be destroyed, all the monsters in your hand simply become useless.
     Finally, this card is not a good stand-alone card. But it makes somes very good combos with other cards coming this set, which i will talk about later.

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