jeudi 12 mars 2015

All the good ressources for buddyfight.

     I am always looking for more chanels. And i thought it might be the same for you, so i decided to post all the Buddyfight ressources. The bests can be found on the side bar under  "Other useful ressources".

Hunter Serge's Youtube Certainly the best youtube Buddyfight chanel, regular quality content, deck analyses, booster analyses. Subscribe, and follow him on Twitter that's all.

Buddyfight Theory : The first blog i read on Buddyfight. It is certainly the best thing to start Buddyfight as there are overview of all the decks. More experience player can still go the blog from time to time because it is still nice to have an overview before the playtest.

JustUsLeagueSwag Youtube Very regular decklists. You must subscribe to those guys.

Team Sack for The Win Youtube Very interesting channel. Mainly for his regular tier list discussions.

The medic Ninja Ramble Irregular, but very interesting content !

Tim Power Gamer's Youtube I first found the channel with it's post on pojo where he links to his Metagame analyse (like everybody else i guess). His metagame analyse is one of the best video i ever heard. Aside from that, the channel has too few videos to be able to sum up the chanel.

Team Burning Infinitey It's TBI Saturday Nights Live Stream discussion are so cool. Go watch all of them.
    Aside of that, i don't like the rest.
    So what the live stream, and make your own opinion on the other content.

Bit Stryker Another chanel i found while writing the article. So i don't know much about them neither.

Of course, there is my Youtube Channel.

If something is missing, that means i don't know it. So i would be glad if you show me something i did not know :) .

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