samedi 14 mars 2015

The basics : Make the best use of your card

     I found out that a lot of player on Buddyfight area were not that good. And this is tottaly fine.  Everybody must have a first card game where he will learn the basics of the Tcg. I played yugioh competitively before but everybody has not.
    This is why i start this basic serie where i go back to the whire for all the players who started buddyfight as their first card game. 

    If you want to play competitively,  you must have this in mind : "you must use your ressources the most optmal way".
     Your ressources are : your life, your gauges and your cards on the field and in your hand.
     I wont talk about the first two ones in this article, but about the cards which are by far the most poorly wasted.
     The first situation where you waste a card, is when you use it in a situation where what the card brings is useless.

    For instance, let's say you have 4 gauge and 1 Dragonic charge in hand (or any card that gives you  gauge). Why would you play the Dragonic charge ? You will find yourself with 6 gauges and no cards to make use of this gauge. Instead you should keep the card in your hand, and charge it on the next turn. And at least bluff that you have a shield in your hand.
     This is really a recurrent mistake. This is even the one that made me start this serie.

    The other mistake is to call the monster on a bad position.
    Basically, when you are turn 0  (the really first turn) and you have a monster  that you want to call (for instance Zlatorog who gives you 2 gauges on call) and get ride of next turn for a more useful card (like Arthur who gives you penetrate and a gauge each attack). You call him on the center. This is as easy as that.
    If you don't, your opponent will probably ignore it and you will have to squeeze your own monster while you could have use him as a human shield and avoid just one attack.

   That will be all for today folks. I hope you learned from it :)

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