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Decks playtest : Purgatory Knight

    Purgatory Knight, is THE DECK everybody is waiting for. One of the most hyped deck in Buddyfight. Before the deck even makes his premier, I am here to analyse it.
    (No this article has not been written after HBT01 released, and no i am not trying to fool you).

Latest update : HEB04 Buddy AllStars

    Purgatory knights, the dark versions of the Thunder knights (don't ask me more about the lore, I don't watch the anime). Demios is the leader, but Eval Grebe and Forever are the cards who carry the deck. Because Demios' effect is powerful. But they are the card who give you enought ressources to take over the game.

     They have two differents strategies : "yolo i will OTK", and a methodic and (relatively) subtile control of the game. The latest is the one I prefer because the first is too easily punishable, and very inconsistant because of cards like Distortion punisher which easily clock you hand.

Size 3

   The size 3s are very powerful because of their combination with the awesome Counter line up DDW has. Size 3 + 2 Dark energy usually means game because it will stop your opponent for a few turns.

Purgatory Knights, Malice Force Dragon
    If you read previous paragraph you understand why Malice Force is bad. With 5k defense,it cannot force your opponent to link attack. Any size 1 or 2 can kill him alone.
The choice is between  Divine Demon Slayer, Amenoohahari and Graveyard of Demonic Swords, Graybard.
     The difference is simple : Amenoohabari's skill scale with the number of turn he lasts where Graybard did his job even if he died right after.
      You should consider : -if this 1k defense is important 
    -how easily the monster can survive. Especially against decks with monster destruction (DDW has death touch, Dragon world with dragonic destroy or Day of the dragon).
    -the size of the monster (Amenoohahari is god against size 1 rush, where Graybard is monster against size 3's).
   -do you want to grind (Amenoohahari) or rush (Graybard).

      Now, Graybard is by far better : No decks don't play size 3s and size 3 centric decks are particulary important (Raging spirit, Omnidai). The extra defense doesn't mean much, and protecting your size 3 have become extremly complicate.
Size 2

Purgatory Knights Leader, Demios Sword Dragon
    The core of the deck. Anyone who plays PK must know why he is that good. He enables 5+ attacks formation which can be enought to kill your opponent or to sweep the opponent's board. He has a lot of weakness, but you have to play with it.

Purgatory Knights Leader, Demios Sword "Inferno"
      Inferno Demios helps Pk in a weird way : it fixes one major issue of the deck (putting all your eggs into demios' baske who is very fragile), but brings its own problem (the card is unstabble and gauge expensive).
     The card also push the deck toward aggressive playstyle : you only hit face, and you leave the opposite monsters die to Inferno.
       Overall, this card is a great addition,  but not something you should tunnel vision on.

Purgatory Knights, Mad Halberd Dragon
     He is the hidden star of the deck. He is not as fast as Demios, but his ability to control the tempo of the game is huge. We cannot spam him with Forever because his one gauge cost can become heavy.

Purgatory Knights, Blood Axe Dragon
      This card can punch very well. 3 crits, that's good. But outside of that, it does nothing. For instance if your opponent walls himself out.
Now it can turn itself into Inferno Demios.

Purgatory Knights, Cruel Command
     Not only this card does things badly (bad stats, heavy costs, one for one effect, doesn't combine with Eval grebe); but it is simply outclassed by other cards in his own world (Graybard, Death damage).

Size 1

Purgatory Knights, Eval Grebe Dragon
     Not only  he is good card advantage wise (Demios in combination with a vanilla is a wash [one monster -1 for an attack +1], but with Grebe it is a +1), but he is also needed in order to not run out of ressources too quickly.
     Important note : can only activate during the Attack phase, this means it cannot combo with any non Counter monster effects (Cruel command, Eraser hand...).

Purgatory Knights, Gairahm Lance Dragon
    This card's destruction effect is far less useful than Demios'. Not only does the critical only worth
0,5, but it can only be used against your opponent where Demios could attack your opponent or his monster with his new attack.
    This card is still a 4-of because a 6/2/2 for size 1 is vanilla with negative effect standart (Purgatory Knights, Troubadour Dragon), and althought you will prefer Demios' effect, it is very good.

Purgatory Knights, Angry Hand Dragon  and Purgatory Knights, Sword Breaker Dragon.
    Both cards are nuts. They pop weapons as if it was nothing particular. Angry Hand is far better than Sword breaker because it can dodge both Shields and counter destruction (answer to a counter destruction with demios' effect and you will be fine).
    But Sword breaker does his job well enough. Right now I have three Sword breaker and no Angry hand, I will keep Sword breaker until I find someone to trade Angry hand.

     The promotionnal card took time to come on our lands. It is still a very nice side card. Good stats and Set spell destruction which are as important as ever.

Purgatory Knights, Eraser Hand Dragon
     The first problem is that it's effect is pretty bad. One for one trade, ok, but sometimes, your opponent will discard a card which was already useless. So having this effect is not worth having those bad stats.
     The second problem, is that it doesn't combo with the card like Eval grebe which requires to be destroyed by monster's effect.

Purgatory Knights, Lunacy Wand Dragon
     What really makes Eval grebe is that it helps you not run out of ressources. And Lunacy wand doesn't help you for that. The one life is not that big of a deal if you run out of cards.

Purgatory Knights, Troubadour Dragon
     This card is far from beeing bad, but there are already a lot of better size 1. Gairahm lance is a Troubadour with a positive effect instead of it's negative effect, Eval grebe is mandatory, and if you have more room, tech in some Angry hand or Sword breaker which are amazings out against certains match ups.

Purgatory Knights, Underblade Dragon
     Yes this is very good against certain defense heavy decks because it will make Demios attacks 3 times with 9k power; but it won't fixe Demios main weakness. One counter, and Demios is gone.

Size 0
    There is not many explanation to give when I say that the perfect number of size 0s is around 6. Since we only have two available, we only have to thing about the ratios.
    We can argue that Purgatory Knights, Knuckleduster Dragon is better because the gauge Purgatory Knights, Crossbow Dragon provides is irelevant with how few gauge Purgatory knights need. But extra gauge can actually bring you nice things :
    - I found myself frequently in a situation where I was one gauge short to be able to play all the cards in my hand.
     - Or every cards in my hand where needed, and i did not want to charge this turn because I would trade a good card for one gauge and a potentially useless card.
On the other hand, my opponent survived with one life, and I indeed did not need this extra damage. Finally I never need more than two gauges from Crossbow.

    So I find that Crossbow is at least as good as Knuckleduster. And because you have Forever which can search for any of them, I would consider having an even ratio.

Spells :

Death Grip and Dark energy :
   Two stapples to DDW. Especially in combination wit Halberd or your size 3 which will drive your opponent crazy.
   Death grip is by far the best card in DDW.
   Dark energy is as effective but more situational because it needs a monster with it to be effective and doesn't protect you from mindless rush from your opponent.

Black dragon shield :
   Same as the two above. Stapple.

Abyss symfony vs Life Dwells in the Flames of Hades Too
    The choice depens on two things : you, your opponent.
    If your opponent hits your monster first, which is a very valid tactic against PK, then life dwells is simply useless.
   If he doesn't, Life dwell is one gauge cheaper than Abyss Symfony.
   Personnally, I prefer Abyss Symfony over Life Dwells for a simple reason : Abyss symfony is a great topdeck, where life dwell isn't. As long as you are not in the early game, Abyss symfony will alway be lived where life dwell will at least stand in your hand uselessly for one turn.

Purgatory Knights, Forever
   This is what happened to me :
"Oh shit, this card is too good ! Instant 4-of !"
"Hold on !! Don't be stupid... Don't play too much."
"This card is actually very very good !"
    And I am currently playing 4. Of course i will never cast all four of them, but having one in your starting hand is big relief, and you always play at least 2 in a game.
    You will not be scared of Death grip anymore because you can re-call Demios on the next turn, and Forever will give you the 2 needed cards to set up the perfect formation.
-You lack of defense and have a size 0 in hand ? Grab Halbert and Gairahm lance.
-You want to go offensive and have Demios in your hand ? Grab a size 0 and Eval Grebe.

   This of course comes with a cost, and this is why Crossbow is here for that. And if your opponent neglects your monsters, side one Forever out round 2.

Crush that Body, and Sustain Mine
     Previously, the only reason to run this card was Distortion punisher, which was a bad reason. Now  there is Demios inferno, you also want to recycle him with Forever, Graybard/Amenohabarie which you want to protect with Death grip/Dark energy. The usage of this card is justified.

Black Sword, Heartbreaker
    Because of how few gauge PK need, it would be  very sad to restrict ourself to a vanilla weapon with no cost.

Demonic Demise Sword, Aqulta Gwaneff
    This card is too expensive for it's cost. 1 power /1 crit for 2 more gauge is not that much.
PK doesn't use much gauge, but you don't want to waste your gauge like that.

Purgatory Sword, Fatal and Evil Death Scythe are the two items I play in the grind version. With Evil death scythe over Fatal.
   Evil death scythe is just too good. His one damage ability is golden. You have to go for your opponent monsters early, and this bonus damage is always welcome, and 4k power is just enough to attack your opponent monsters.
    Fatal on the other hand seems less stable. You don't always trigger it's effect, and Evil death scythe is simply too good to overcome.

This card is by far the most aggressive item DDW has right now. Dont rely on its charge skill. If your opponent
Distortion punisher
    I always found Impact which can be reduced very limited. If your opponent isn't in impact range or not enough gauge, it is useless. If you run into a chillax you -2 for nothing. And if it connects, it usually is overkill. 

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