dimanche 15 mai 2016

Deck review : Grind Wizard

     First of, I want to shoutout to Charles and Alban who  really helped me in the construction of the wizard build.

TL;DR : Wizard

Buddy : Magic Artist, Andy

Cards playtest : Wizard DBt01

Note : if before the analyses of the card, it is written "Relexion", that means that the analyses is only the result on my reflection/theory on the card. The card has not been playtested.

lundi 2 mai 2016

The good old games Part 1 : Duel master

    The first old game I want to talk about is Duel master.
Duel master is still running in Japan, but it has been stopped in the west unfortunatly.

    To sum up, Duel master, is a quick pace game, light version of Magic.
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