mercredi 18 mars 2015


Every TCG's vocabulary :

 Stapple : Card that is played in every single decks (with a few exception of course).
Mill : Send cards from the deck to the drop.

Buddyfight :

This are word that i use, and is not a standart in the Buddyfight community, thought i think it is better to use them rather than "card X"-like

Battle booster : cards that say  : +3 power, +3 defense, +counterattack. Usually called "Drago-energy like".
Every other cards that give an advantage in battle but no counter attack are "Vanillas battle booster".
The cards who gives counter-attack but not exactly Battle spirit union, dark energy... will be called alternate battle booster

Shields :
here are the basic shields. Some cannot be classed so we will call them alternate shield until we have a better name. To make thing easier, shield are cards that cancel an attack or block damage. Cards like death grip can be used as shield because they counter an attack, but won't be called shield.
-open center shield : blue/green dragons shield, battle circle aura, holy grail...
-non-link shield : solomon's shield, midnight shadow...
-damage shield : chillax, black dragon's shield
- -2 shields : phoenix wall, white dragon shield.

Gauge charger
cards that give gauge, i called them Gauger before, but i prefer gauge charger.

Cancel :
cards that cancel spell (abra cadabra, breathen card).

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