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Theory Booster Preview : Break to the future ! Step 3 : Rare and Commons highlights


    A card with lots of potential : a Purgatory Knight's Thunder Formation equivalent, but instead of the Final phase effect you get a Glory Seeker's ersatz. If this card sees two PK's destruction, then this is already a better Vampire Fang.
    Meta impact : important

    Yes ! yes ! Spectral strike beeing a battle  centric ability, then this card is just what is needed.

    Oh man, if this card was released in yugioh, she would be smoking broken. It makes up to +3. But we are in Buddyfight. Having 3 lifes means your opponent is one attack away from killing you.
    This is no problem in late game : your opponent will certainly not have much protections and you can kill your opponent the turn you activate it, or he just doesn't have any more monsters and with one Counter card drawn out of the fours, you can lock you opponent.
    Problem : - cards like Continue! who can swarm the field
                     - you cannot cast this card once your life points reaches 3. Since DDW plays a lot of life break (such as abyss symfony), you have to play a very risky game.
    Consider what you will face and how easily can they 3 crits.
    Meta impact : to be determined

    Everyone sees his shutdown potential. But the question is : how many decks are affected by this card ? And the answer is : a lot.
- Ancient who can not sustain Shadow dive anymore
- Dragon and their shields
- Danger and their 4 lifes heal.
- Magic world and their counter (solomon/chillax)
- even Darkness himself with his Gallows / Black dragon shield
    Meta impact : important

     A Armorknight demon. But what is really good is that you can easily get over the game if this card stands in the center and you can protect him well.
    It has Demon's defense, but unlike him he can make good use of all the protection DDW gives.
    Meta impact : medium

     When i first saw the card, it was HUGE !! When i thought more about it, i saw a lot of flaws :
- bad trade if you try to reduce the cost of the size 3s
- lots of Wizard with no call cost.
     But after a bit of play test it really is a breath to reduce the cost of mary sue, Quinus Axia...
    Meta impact : Medium

    I really don't like this card : Wizards hardly deals more than two damages, meaning there is not much situations where this card is better than Solomon 1.
    But i just wanted to write a note to say that since you activate this WHEN you deal damages, meaining your opponent cannot cast by this time. This card cannot be wasted. Still a bad card thought.

    With the old weapon, there was absolutly no reason to attack with it : if you direct attack, then you should rather use it's ability. And it is really not worth to leave your center open (if your opponent has hysteric spear but that is really all) to attack with it's 3k power.
    With the new effect, Del Gesu can now close out games (and it doesn't matter if your center is open once your opponent is dead).
    Also this + Merlin + Andy = One Turn Kill.
    But do not be stupid, don't try to OTK if there is a lot of chances that your opponent can cancel your attack : you have no chances of recovering if it doesn't go throught.
    Meta impact : low (will be played, but the little twick will only occasionnaly be felt )

     Wow, just wow. Magic world which is known for their bad stats have one of the cards with the most critical in the game.
    There is only one thing that disturb me, is that this card doesn't give any ressources/opponent control.
    Meta impact : medium

     With the number of set spell in the 72 pillars this card gives a boost of consistency (like the new Skull warrior), but also has huge versatillity.
    It is also an Art card for the new Magic School, Sephirot
    Meta impact : important

     This card has been hyped too much. This card is a -1.5 on cast. Then is the effect good enough to be worth this heafty price ?
    First of you pay one card and one life to destroy one of your opponents spell. This is at most a wash if the opponent's card has a cast cost.
    Second, this card is awesome in the Battle phase because this assure your attack to go through. But during the opponent's turn this ok at most because of your "once per turn" limitation. Don't really know if it is worth it to not activate the card to keep this threat of seeing their key card beeing canceld.
    Finally it is for the Art Archetype, which doesn't have enought options to be viable. So far they only have this card wich is far from beeing enough to convince players to play the deck.
    Meta impact : low

    Just wanna say this card does not only apply on the field, but everywhere (even in the deck).

     Since return to the underworld doesn't ask to pay the price, Treachery, Jakikarasu is better.

    The most frightening part of those cards is that they really cover any situations (only 4k attacks can go throught).

    This card now opens new possibility for the Tarot :  mainly Darkness Dragon world and all their Destructions spells.

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