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Conclusion of the journey with the omni lords, Part 2 : Cards review

In the previous article, I looked for the strengh and  weaknesses of the keyword 'Omni lord'. You can find the article with this link. I will now review each Omni lords individually.

    I classed the Omni lords in three classes : -the must have who are very powerful and that you need in your collection because you will need them in your build one day or another
-the others, which are the decents cards with potential, and the very bad one (Venom nova)
-deck specific who are only used in strategies based around them.

The must haves

Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Burn Nova
This card is one of the most important Omni lords. As long as your deck isn't too gauge hungry, it is a must. Any  close games end up tipping up toward the player with Burn nova.

Nothing Omni Evil Lord, Negrobals
This card combos very well with every deck with destruction effect, if possible counter destruction effect. For instance, Dungeon world is a great world for Negrobals.

Fifth Omni Blade Dragon Lord, Jackknife "Emperor"
This card is hyped by a lot of players. I am not entierely sold on it right now. I feel that the initial cost is too heavy.
They are one two types of decks where I see this card as necessary :
 - Decks that lack destruction skills
 - Decks runing damage mitigater (Magic Sword, Azoth, Dragon Arms, Dragokeeper).
Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum
Obvious combination with 'Take 1 damage" costs/conditions (like Purgatory knights forever). It is also a solid card in open center decks that don't rely on specific size 2s.
Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum the Punisher
Very strong card against weapon based decks in decks that misses effective ways of dealing with weapons.
Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Tenbu
Very strong field clear effect that must be played in almost every sideboards as very few decks do have field clear effects.
INV Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Crazed Tenbu
Very strong card against Item if your deck misses item destruction. It also deals with beefy soul tanks (star dragon world, Billion Knuckle). Overall a very versatile card that is a strong contender in every sideboards.
Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Tenbu "SD"
Another good solution against soul tanks. Avoid it only in size 3 decks.

Third Omni Water Lord, Miserea
If your deck is not size 3 deck, not centered around a specific size 2 (like duel dragons), not too gauge expensive, you must play this card. It is an incredible offensive and defensive tool.
Note that both Miserias combos with spells that gives bonus when in the soul (for instance Dragon against thunder).
INV Third Omni Water Lord, Dark Miserea
Very powerful card in open center decks as it gives very strong survability to your deck (must die two times and gives you 2 lifes).

INV Seventh Omni Earth Lord, Twilight Count
Combos with the same card 5th omni Drum combos.
Seventh Omni Earth Lord, Count Dawn
For close center decks.
Count Dawn of the Distant Days
Open center decks. You want to call him to the center and bounce him to free your center and attack with your item.

Second Omni Demon Lord, Asmodai
Combines with on discard effects, with monster protection (Dark energy) and disruption (Counter bounce, destruction...). To force as many attacks from the opponent on it and gain tempo on the game.

Emblem of Omni Lords
If your deck is centered around one Omni lord, or if you are playing a Omni lord deck.


Eighth Omni Deity Lord, Grangadez
INV Eighth Omni Deity Lord, Devilgadez
If those cards hit the bord, they are very powerful. The issue is that they are very punishing counters to this card. If your opponent casts Pillar of fire to the activation of the skill that gives itself gauge, you loose the monster, the gauge and you take the lifelink.
Those cards must be shown to work. Until then, I will only recommend to play one/two in case a dangerfree situation occures.

Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Crimson Drum
Combos with open center spells that gives strong protection to your monster. For example with Battle spirit unite, Dark Fog...
"Awakened" Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum
This card combos with the same cards than OG OmniDrum. Just in a less effective way. The advantage is that it can be called to the center.
I still won't recommend it over OG, but I see uses.
INV Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Hellfire Drum
Very nice option in decks that lacks penetrate (for instance Magic world).

INV Fourth Ovni Fire Lord, Venom Nova
No, just no... This card is too punishing in it's own deck because of the lifelink 5, and the only combo is with Emna alliance Nova which still sucks.

First Omni Beast Lord, Ziun
INV First Omni Beast Lord, Kage Ziun
Two finishers.
With the trend of removing damage reduction spells, those cards gains more and more potential. I just fear monster destruction (this card does get Crossbow'd), I would play Impact if I want to finish the opponent, and as finishers they will always have the default of beeing only useful at the very late game.

INV Second Omni Demon Lord, Death Asmodai
Combos with monster protection (cards that makes your monster stay on the field) to trigger the effect multiple times (to call size 0s). On call effect monsters (calling an Asmodai during the opponent turn), high call cost monsters to dodge the cost.

Deck specific only

Those decks don't really do well outside of decks that are centered around them.
Commandant of Enma Alliance, Burn Nova
Fifth Omni Super Dragon Lord, Kaizer Drum
Ninth Omni Bravery Lord, Mukuro
Sixth Omni Storm Lord, Variable Cord
INV Sixth Omni Storm Lord, Catastrophe Cord

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