jeudi 31 mars 2016

[April fool] Starting a new blog

Hello everyone, how are you doing ?

Today, I have a great news : I am starting a new blog.

This second blog will be talking about the card game war.

War is a very famous card game. Most of the time seen as very basic, random at best.
But there is more into it than everyone think.

I was randomly wandering on reddit when I felt on the ad for the War subreddit.
I discovered how deep and skillfull this game can be if master to a high level.

Route selection, Denying and Wavedashing all of them are advanced technics that make the game so technical and interesting.

I will be posting my first article in the coming weeks. I really can't wait to share all those interesting informations and start working on new strategies.

Until then, make sure to bookmare my new blog. Because this is gonna be awesome !!

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