mardi 1 mars 2016

Conclusion of the journey with the omni lords, Part 1 : Omni what ?

     The H seasons is coming to an end. With it, the Omni lord mechanic is leaving us. Overall it is near thirty new cards that hold this Keyword (or the inverse one).
     Some of them are very good, some are less good.
    Let's take a general look at those cards, when they are strong, if they have to be in your collection..
                                                                   Part 2

    At first, Omni lords were used left right and center (Tenbu in every sideboards, Count dawn in every main decks...). But this is logical, they brough thinks that were until there unthinkable (monster effect mass destruction, drop revival with good stats).
     Over time, as they get caught up by the power creep, they will slowly see less and less use to be only used in the right decks that uses them to the fullest potential. But they are so solid that they will stay a possibility for a very long time.
     This is why I make this article. What are the omni lords strenghs ? Weaknesses ? Once I describe this, I will review all of them in the next article.

Strenght :
     First of, they bring quality. Just look at Count dawn, Miseria... Alone, no card are able to do so much.
The second strength is the combo potential it brings : as the interaction aren't limited to it's own world's card, the pool of possibilty is very wide. It is up to you to find the most interesting combos the card gives (for example Miseria with Dragon against thousands).
    The last point is that they can bring possibilities that the innate cards don't bring. Item destructions aren't Wizards strengh, Crazed Tenbu can fixe that. Skull warriors lack life recovery, Dark miseria helps with that..

     But they have three weaknesses : The first one is that they don't belong to the archetype of your deck (unless you play them in the world where they belong in which case the Omni lord clause is irrelevant).
    That may look obvious, but I do want to remind it. Not only do they don't get the support from your deck, but they even inhibit the potnetial of those cards (Demongodol ark can be a dead card if all your monsters are Omni lords).
     The second weakness is their size. The crop of the cream of the Omni lords are size 2 or 3. And often, the best cards of your archetype are size 2s or 3s : Demongodol arc, Iblis, Astraeus, Demios...
    The third and last weakness (which is not really one) is that home made solutions are often more effective.  A bit of the omni lords brings very specific solutions (mainly the Tenbus). If you have cards from your world/archetype that does the same thing, you should consider it over bringing an omni lord over. Example : Tenbu is a very good monster for field clear, but is not neededd in hero as Caliburn grief does the same.

     Here ends the review of the Omni lords as a whole. This article sets everything up for me to write
the next article and make an analyse of all the omni lords.

Until next time,
raise your flag...

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