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Duel Dragons Godol Ark

    Duel dragon (Godol Ark variant) is a deck that needs it's set up  to compete. Godol + Dangerous RAIZI and/or Item. You usually won't recover if you don't get a major advantage on the game with your first Demongodol.
    You cannot play late game cards or cards that require to already have a setting. Because they will be overkill if activated or dead.
Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Burn Nova

3 Fighting Dragon Emperor, Demongodol Ark
    The boss monster of the deck. He opens so many incredible combos that we will see throughout the article.
     One think I have to point out is that his second skill only destroys the weapons attribute. That means items without the weapon attribute (such as SuperHero's tranform) aren't affected.
2 Nightflight Dragon, Rahal
1 INV Third Omni Water Lord, Dark Miserea
Solid defensive monsters to hold until you get Demongodol Ark

4 Origin Fighting Dragon, Demongodol
(AKA Orgingodol). He is the first reason why Demongodol is
back. Not only he is a straight plus. But he buffs GodolArk as long as he is in his soul.
The goal of the deck is to protect the origingodol in the soul of ark as long as possible.
3 Clash Deity Dragon, Gaelcorga Ark
2 Sibling Dragon, Foonbaltes
Those are the two sidekicks with your size 2. They bring good stats and we don't ask much more from them.

2 Eighth Omni Duel Dragon, Speardos
Mainly used as a spell. Call it and immediatly place it into the soul of your monster.
It gives penetrate which is very valuable, but also helps protecting the OriginGodol in the soul.
Count Dawn of the Distant Days

3 Demon Slay Barrier
3 Battle Spirit Unite
    Those are the two first spels that combos with Demongodol ark. Demon slay barrier negates an attack and opens Ark's counterattack where Battle spirit unite buffs his defense for the whole turn and limits his actions as your oponent has no others tagets to attack.
3 Battle Aura Circle
     Aura circle doesn't combo with Ark but it gives very good defense if you don't have it on the field
4 Unyielding Spirit

2 Burst Deity Calling Ritual
    If the Card advantage made with it is very nice, it is not mandatory and Calling ritual is often dead. So 2 is the right number.
4 Dangerous REIZI
    The second card that bring the deck in the game. Every turn it gives one soul to Ark for only one gauge. Not only does this soul helps protect Godol ark longer and hide the OriginGodol lying in the soul, but it makes him trigger Counterattack more.
   This is simply crazy !!
4 Super Strength Replenishment
     Because of  Ark's cost, the deck is very gauge expensive. Getting those additional gauge that you cannot get outside of charge and draw really accelerate the deck (calling Ark + equiping Onikuzushi which is not possible turn 0/1, sustaining the cost of REIZI...)

4 Hundred Demons Spear, Onikuzushi
4 Hundred Demons Spear, Aratogame
   8 is the right item number in Duel Dragons. They do need the items, but not enough to take the risk of getting a hand full of items. Those are in my opinion the two best items in the deck. But any combinasion is possible.


Armorkight Demon 'A'
      Oh My God this card is violent ! It enables otk so much !
Unfortunatly, it doesn't fit Dual dragon's style. But it something I will keep in mind when building Armorknight : Demon 'A' is very strong.

Armorknight Dragon, "Earthshaker"
      What this card does (late game monster truck), it does it very well. The issue is that we don't really need that. Rahal gives you good protection which is much more needed.

Sibling Dragon, Kibaltes
      Tested, and disliked it. With Godol arc, it is very bad ; and without, Rahal is better.

Starved Yamigedo
   I started the test of this card thinking that it will definitly not show good and it didnt. Duel dragon
needs gauge but you need it instantly in order to place the set up.
     Your choice of gauge spell is between Lord Aura Meditation and Super Strength Replenishment. I recommend you to test Replenishment and think 'Was the third gauge useful ?'. If not, play Meditation to save yourself a life.

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