dimanche 15 février 2015

There is a Counter timing at the beggining of the battle phase

    If there is something that is overlooked, is this Counter timing at the beggining of the battle phase. It is usually skipped to gain time. I don't blame anyone, i also do this mistake of going too fast on that. But we players, need to make sure we stop doing this, as it can be a very important timing in a game.

    Basically, it is your best out against Cancels (cards that negates your spell such as Abra Cadabra).
For those who don't know, those cards are mainly used to make a final link attack with which your opponent will not be able to do anything, as if he tries to counter the attack, it's spell will be canceled.
Sometimes those moves can be predicted, for instance if he decides to squeeze one of his monster for another one with one more critical, even worse, when he just searches his Abra Cadabra with Mary Sue.
    And during this counter timing, the opponent won't be able to react or change his strategy (he will only be able to play Counters).

    Here are the three types of cards that make good uses of this counter timings :
    -Cards that prevent damages. As a reminder, those types are cards aren't used when you are taking damges. They are played before you will take it. Usually it is right before you will get damages, after the opponent declared the direct attack. But it can be played at anytimes.
  The problem would be if your opponent says, ok i won't try to kill you, but get ride of your monster on the side and finish my turn with a +3 and you beeing out of ressources. So it won't really help you if you don't have any monsterrs in your hand, and you need your opponent to make the mistake to overlook the ones which are on the field.

    -Cards that removes monster from the field (destruction, bounce). Unlike the first category, you
won't lose advantage doing this. Also if you activate a card that needs the opposite card to have less than X power/defense, then your opponent cannot counter this with a battle boost wich can only be used during the battle.

    -Of course, cards that tap (for instance Snake Gaze). It is actually the only time where it is worth to use the card.

    There are two importants things to gain from this :
    -Having two counter timings, meaning if you have two counters, at least one of those will go through.
    -Even if you don't have two, you can bluff it, and dare your opponent to cancel the first one without knowing whether or not you have another counter.

    So yeah guys, make sure to force the opponent to give you this counter timing and play slowly in order to not have any problems on that neither.

Source : Buddyfight official rulings page 9

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