mercredi 28 octobre 2015

Deck review : Hero (Legend world)

      Hero is a control / grind deck.
      The deck was really struggling at first because it was filled of low stated monsters which needed to link attack to get their  bad effect. The deck is now very good, but play none of those link attack monsters. Keep in mind that they exist, we never know, their effect might become handy.
       Hero is an open center deck which turns around a toolbox of weapon which can be changed for no cost thanks to the Equipment change ability.

   The strengh of Hero is that it is a very all-around deck.
      It has decend damages (frequently deals 5/6 damages).
      A good board control with the high attack size 2/3 and weapon have, and caliburn.
      With all the move, Prydwen (the shield wich reduces damages by 2 for 2 gauges) and the now decent defensive spell pool LW has a very good defense.
       Hero has a lot of combos available. Which gives it a very good power plays.
       The equipment change gives Hero very diverse options by enabling you to change your weapons for free depending on the situation. Merlin will push it even further.
       Hero has the same problem as other Legend decks. It has very good gauge effect, but also very high cost. Which makes it complicate when you don't draw said effect.
       In term of draw power, Merlin and Symbel gard gives you easy +1. If you play Mabinogion, it gets crazy.

       Hero is very consistent. It doesn't have the weakness weapon deck has. It has very easy access to weapon (Merlin) and can allow itself to play a lot of them because one can always replace the previous one (equipment change).

Noticable Combos :

Merlin + Alwidol :
     A pure +2. Unless you are unlucky, which will mean you will only break even. Which is not bad
Prydwen + Gugnir :
      Makes Gugnir litterally free.
Prydwen + Mabinogon :
      Without this combo, Mabinogon would definitly not be a very good card.
Zlatarog + Caliburn :
       Call zlatorog on the side. Your oponent will probably ignore it, but that' ok because you will blow it up yourself. You will then be ble to call a better monster next turn.

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