dimanche 27 septembre 2015

Talking negatively of Vanguard

       There are two things that I see (and been part of) since a long time, and I want to go over that :
         - Debatting how -insert negative adjective- Vanguard is
         - Using it as a reason why Buddyfight is good.
I will explain why they are fruitless or negative efforts.

Cool down, this is just my opinion
           Before we start, I have to set MY opinion on the game. I won't explain why, this is not the goal of the article. I dislike Vanguar as a competitive card game. It is a fun game, but multiple reasons (including the random factor) stops the game from beeing truly competitive. Again, this is MY opinion.
          I will also use the words maining and seconding (I think seconding doesn't exist), which refer to the card game you favour and the ones you only play casualy.
          Everything is taken from my local assessment. I suppose it works the same elsewhere.

           Now that this has been set, why do I think comparing to Vanguard doesn't proove that
Buddyfight is a good game :
            - For those who also dislike Vanguard, this is not an argument. "Burger king is better than Mac donald !" If I despise Mac donald does it makes me want to go to Burger king ? The only players affected by this argument are Vanguard players. And because BF and VG are both Bushiroad's game, Vanguard players are more likely to second BF than Yugioh/Magic/Fow players...

            -If one declares that BF is better than VG (and Weiss), what can we conclude from it ? It is a good card game ? No we can only say that it is a good BUSHIROAD card game.

            -Buddyfight can be compared to the 'Big ones' goddamit ! Outside players badmouthing Buddyfight simply don't know what they are talking about. They heard of it once and used the first excuse they found to convince interested players to not test the game.
      Buddyfight is a skill rewarding game. And it has some advantages no other cards game has.
      I asked Magic players if their game was expensive, and they said yes. You need to buy a very expensive deck at once in Legacy, or you need to invest into expensive decks very frequently in Standart. Best players will very easily pay off with tournament prices, but if you are not willing to go all in in a card game, then prefer Buddyfight which is more accessible.
      Yugioh. Economy sink and prefabricated decks.
      We can begin a very long debate.

       What consequences does this trash talk brings to Buddyfight. Well I think that it can only have a negative indirect effect.
        BF players won't gain anything if VG dies. VG and BF ressources aren't shared. If it was the case, VG would definitly take the lion share. Also, the VG players which were seconding BF will now main BF, there are very few. A lot of them will go to Weiss, Wixoss; or just leave Bushiroad and get back to Yugioh, Magic...

        A lot of the BF playerbase are seconding BF, and mains VG. So as long as VG lives, we will get more and more casual BF players. It is obviously a good thing for the game.

        I doesn't make them want to try the game. If a player chooses to go to a BF forum to get some help on how to start  to play and the first topic he sees is "X card game is so bad. Here is another proof why". It doesn't give a very good impression.

       To conclude, talking about VG is not a taboo. If you are with another friend you can talk about how you feel on the game. But on any public Buddyfight group on internet, leave VG players alone, there is much better things to talk about (how to beat Kaizerion, how to reveal the secret OPness of the Blue sky knights...).

Here is a reward for reading the whole article

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