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Top 5 best openings

     This article is, in a way not very useful. Knowing the best opening is not helpful.
But I just thought it would be funny to list the best cards to pull turn 0.
Criterias are :
  • the power of the card turn 0
  • number of decks used by this card
  • yes gold ritter turn 0 is strong, but it is very unlikely. So it has been removed.
Here we go :

5 :

    Normal Drum is not very strong by itself but it has the advantage of beeing the second best turn 0 in Dragon world. Seriously 3 crits in your opponent face, 5k defense with two lifes. For only 1 gauge this is too good.
    Outside of turn 1 it becomes a fodder for Super Armordragon, Drum Breaker Dragon.

4 :

In fourth comes Gold lion of nemea. Nemea has two strengh :
  1. searching through your deck
  2. looping search of himself
The second point is what makes Nemea so nice turn 0. If you have enough gauge and the game last long enough, you can call Nemea to search for himself three time and call him one last time for another Olympus. Which means you get  a +4 in card advantage and +2 in ressources advantage.

3 : 

I will let Dex explain.
   The only reason why this card doesn't have a higher spot is because it is not played at all. It can only be played in Dragon world's Super dragon which is not a very popular deck.

2 : 

     And the number two spot is taken by Zlatorog ! Anyone who played Legend world knows why.
Zlatarog is by far the best monster in legend world. Decent stats (2crits) and enormous effect. There is simply no reason to not play this monster in a Legend world deck.
    Getting Zlatarog is  :
a) a relief, because you know your gauge issues will get fixed by him.
b) the assurence that Zlatarog's body will be used as a shield. In other turns, you might be forced to leave Zlatarog to the side in order to attack with your weapon and get Zlatorog ignored, call him to the center and not attack with you weapon, or simply squash Zlatorog which means you 'only' break even.
   Note : Death wizard dragon does almost the same job, but his two gauges are not as necessary as Zlatarog's, and he is obviously a tiny bit less effective.

Honorable includes : Magic doctor, Bauer, Armorknight Wall lizard, Death wizard.

1 :

    I dislike giving him this spot. Because Azi turn 0 is simply dumb. Dragon ein match up in a nutschell is that Azi is a very unconsistent deck : if it doesn't pull Azi, it is trash tier. Once they hit Azi and equip their weapon they become top tier.
    So pulling Azi turn 0 is very unlikely because they must have both Throne Azi and a monster within their 5 firsts cards (4 with the opening hand + 1 with the card you draw though charge).
    But when it's done, it is more or less a no match.

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