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Article from other cards games : The Library

       Despite having a tremendous amount of ressources about buddyfight considering how new the game is, we still don't have the same amount of ressources as the most famous cards games (some website even pay the players to write articles, and I am thankful because it brings very interesting contents).
        And inside those articles, there are a lot which are fairly general articles. And can be used to improve your skill in any card games, or that are simply interesting without knowing the game.
       I want to ather them all to one point :


       Obviously there are a few things that you won't understand, but it is still interesting.

       All the articles have been noted from 1 to 5 on their interest (I).
      There is a second note :  GK for game knowledge which rates how much game knowledge you need from the game the author is playing. The lowest the note is, the best it is. I would not recommend articles with GK that have more 4 or 5.

The different games


       Even thought I quitted yugioh seriously, I only play it with my friends, I keep reading articles and forums about it. It is always interesting to know how the meta develop and the thought process behind that. It is also very fun to read all the dramas, on Konami... But I digress.
      For those who don't know anything about yugioh, yugioh's meta, compared to Buddyfight is lilliputian. There is frequently 3 or 4 god decks, and the rest is doomed to bite the dust; or in the better format, there is at most 12 decks that are really seen in tournaments.
      Whether it is better or not is for another debate, I just have to explain this for you to understand a lot of Yugioh articles.

 The differents websites

         Alter reality games

      Alter reality game is an online shop that features very interesting Yugioh article and lot of other card games.
      Btw, Arg also makes Vanguard articles. Since a lot of Bushiroad players also plays Bushiroad games, I thought it was interesting to point it out

List :

Yugioh - Alter reality games articles from 2015
Yugioh - Alter reality games articles from 2014
Yugioh - Alter reality games articles from 2013

Developpment of the  Library :

     If you are willing to help, it will be much apreciated. Pick up one game and a website that isn't currently reviewed.
Any help will be much apreciated.

-  I am currently reading all the Yugioh articles from the ARG website.

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