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The library : Yugioh - Alter reality games articles from 2015

Yugioh Articles from 2015
Explanation of the library

I : 5       GK : 1       One of the best articles
How to advance your tournament experience
I : 5        GK : 0  An article to prevent unfortunate events that can spoil your tournament experience.
I : 5        GK : 5
Friendship! (And Associated Benefits)
I : 5        GK : 1
Playing What You Enjoy vs. Playing What Wins
I : 5        GK : 2

Different types of opponents
I : 4        GK : 2
Environment and self confidence
I : 4         GK : 3
Defining skill
I : 4         GK : 5   During the article he explains how actively he is looking for informations on the opponent's card and it is very surprising.
Match mentality
I : 4           GK : 5   

Those are the three 'The origins' article. It is a diary. Patrick Hoban doesn't explain anything but he narrates his story on how he became the reknown player he is now
I : 3         GK : 1
The origins I
The origins II
The origins III

7he Need for Luck 7o Win an Even7
I : 3             GK : 4  Articles about luck. And how to play around it. Long but interesting
The mentality of a champion
I : 3           GK : 4  
Diary of a world champion flying with my own wings
I : 3              GK : 4     Diairy of a player that is loyal to only one deck
Cooperation and Competition
I : 3           GK : 1    Discuss about cooperation with the players : talking about the game in forum...
Playing on camera
I : 2          GK : 4    Not really useful for Buddyfight as there isn't big game stream for Buddyfight yet.

The Triangle Theory: Power, Consistency, and Playability
I : 1   GK : 5     Even thought it seems that the topic the article is talking about a generalisable, decks in Buddyfight and Yugioh aren't run and constructed the same way.

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