samedi 25 avril 2015

Greece Winner's Deep deck analyze

    Greece has finished it's national. We now have the winners' decklists. You can find them here. Lucas Tsiplakos, the winner, played a Deep deck. This is something very surprising because of the bad reputation the Deep deck have. I decided to test the deck to see what it gives. And it did far better than i expected.

    What Lucas did well, is not to fall into the trap every Deep players felt : he plays a real Deep deck; not a Death Tallica deck.

    All the Deep decks i have seen had only one strategy : feed the Death Tallica. Which means they live and die by Death Tallica's good will.
     Lucas' build is still designed to fuel the drop  for Death Tallica. But he added Amenoohabari.

    If I had to choose an MVP in the deck, it would be Amenoohabari. The goal of the deck is Death Tallica yes, but Amenoohabari is really the one who set ups everything.

    An Amenoohabari with good protections (Dark energy, Bloody dance) will force your opponent to use all his ressources, opponent is weakened, he won't have anything to deal with Death Tallica.
    Even if you don't have any Death Tallica, you still have something to stall the game; and heck, you can even sometime win without it, with Amenoohabari carrying the game from the get go. 

   I would still change a few things to his decklist : 
    I would first add some Death Grips. Not only it is super strong with an Amenoohabari, but it also snipes some key cards against certains deck (Demios, Tetsuya...). Yes it is not a deep, but it is too good.
    I don't like the impact. It is a very inconsistent card, like any impact which damages can be negated : a Black dragon shield, and you threw all your ressources away. Also it doesn't help you discard your Deeps for Death Tallica because of the life restriction.
     In the sideboard, i would remove Soulbreaker. Sieger is not that big of a deal, and once Raging spirits are realesed,they will totally eclipse it.
      Finally i would advise to switch your Buddy to Gaspard (the size 0). There are situation where you have your Amenoohabari already set, and Zwinger is not usefulll anymore.

    So congratulation to Lucas for the win.

   I will also test the runner-up's decklist (Danger world's Armorknight Ace) and make an article about it.

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