mardi 23 juin 2015

Advertisings on the blog

     Hi, you will probably notic (or not if you have Ad block), but from today there will be a few spots of ads on my blog.

      Because it is always a bit irritating for you, I want to take some times to explain my thoughts behind this.

Everybody sing with me !!
      Buddyfight, like every other cards games is an expensive activity (if you want to frequently change your deck). I have some money to spend if I want to, I don't have to beg for it. But I have to stay lucid : I cannot allow myself to spend all of it rekklessly into the game, I have to save some money for later, or keep it for clothes, other activities and so on.

      It has been now half a year than my blog started, and I now want to see what I could have if I published ads on my blog.
      Don't get me wrong, the trafic on the blog won't make me rich nor will it cover a tenth of my spendings on the game Buddyfight. But if at the end of the year the blog gives me just a tiny bit, it will already be something.

     So if you think I deserve it, then turn off ad block. If you don't think I do, stay on the blog, and why not post in the comment section what you disliked.

      I hope to see you in my next article.

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