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Deck playtest : Star

     Star, archetype that was first seen as a total stun deck, with the combination of board nullifier (Frozen stars, also called 'The gate') that applies as long as you have monsters on the sides, and Astraeus that willl make those monsters undestructable.
      With tests, this way of playing is for the anime only. In the TCG, you have to play it a different way.

Size 3

Deity of the Death and Sun, Bloody King
     What makes this card so good is the combo with all the "on-discard" effects (Ice Blade, joker, Alvidol).  In star there is currently none (Perseus Algol is only in japan). Without the combos, Bloody king is only a wall that  will slow you down.

Size 2

Stellar Deity, Astraeus
    Let's make one thing clear : Astraios is NOT the center of the star strategy.
 - Playing Astraios + Frozen star is a two cards combo and without it, Astraios doesn't do much alone.
- It is a HUGE gauge sink. 4 gauge + 1 if you searched Astraios from Gold lion
- It gives you dead draw and stop your options : you cannot call Zlataros unless you oversize your Astraios, and all your Size 2 still in your deck are now useless
- It is finally not that good as a lock. Your opponent will run you down simply and brutally.
     Now that this has been said, should it be played or not ? It is a very match up dependant. Against any decks thatt can pop your Frozen Star or easily deal with Astraeus, I won't play him. But decks that can't (there are only a few, Katana without Secret formation; players with a bad sideboard), I will play him at once and rush the combo Gate/Astraeus like a freak because I know as soon as it hits the board, I win.
       But the number of match up it is interesting is very low. This is why I limit it to once in the Sideboard (Thanks to Nemea, you can only have one Astraeus in the deck and have 4 additional cards that seach him.)

First Tribulation, Gold Lion of Nemea
    When we see Jackknife Braveheart, it feels very special see a powerful monster like that. Stars
beeing Olympus, it seems obvious that this card is an instant four of, I won't bother about that.
    What I want to focus on, is how to use it. The main card you want to search, is itself. You need it to search itself, otherwise,  you will run out of ressources quickly. If you search a Cassiopeia with Nemea, you will use her once, but outside of that, you need to hope to draw another copie of her where Nemea will give the ressources three adititonal times.

King of Forest, Zlatarog
     If this card is stapple in any Legend world deck, it is especially true in Stars. Frozen stars, Schedar cassiopeia, Breathen gard (and Astraios if you play it). It is 3/4 cards that require two gauge to play, and Cassiopeia will be play repetively in a game.

     Zlatarog and Gold lion of nemea are very important to use as monster (you don't want to oversize them after you used their effect). Unless you go for broke (bad spot, go for game), you need their body to hit an attack to not run out of ressources.

Twin-Headed Hellhound, Orthrus
     On paper, this card sounds monstruous. In the fact, this card... is ok.
     The gain you have from it is very very nice. But it has to go through. (Almost) Every counter cards in the game can stop it's effect to go throught. Like Will glassart you opponent will throw it's shields on it. But unlike will glassart, you have to pay the price preamptively, and you don't want to throw gauge like that if you know the effect won't go throught.
    Finally you cannot play Zlatarog or Nemea the turn you try to attack with Hellhound.

Taurus Aldebaran
     I started playing Buddyfight with with Armorknight, unfortunatly Medusa wasn't much useful in the Dungeon mix (open center) meta.
      But Taurus Aldebaran made me re-realise how powerful the ability Penetrate was. It simply says "I don't care if you have a monster in the center, hence, I will even like you to call in the center". From now on, I will insert some penetrate in every sideboards. It is THAT powerful.
      But for Aldebaran also have his own speciality : he can be spammed. With Cassiopeia re-calling Size 2 or less Stars, you have a total of 8 cards that can call Aldebaran from the drop (Cassio and Starfall night into Cassio), and 4 Nemea to search him. You can really make your opponent go crazy.

Dragon Extermination Knight, Siegfried
      After the weapon that we cannot play (close center deck), this card is the best anti dragon.

Size 1

Schedar Cassiopeia

  Yes the cost is expensive, and you are forced to pay it even if your opponent respond to the activation with a Death grip, BUT IT IS WORTH IT. Stars are really lacking of ressource advantage but have easy access to gauge.

Rigel Orion
    Yes it's effect is useful to get ride of useless Stars (bonus Frozen stars against decks that have no cards to hit set spells, Star monsters if your opponent doesn't attack the ones on the field), and it can dig into the deck to get Frozen stars, but the one crit hits Rigel orion too much considering in which archetype he belongs. It is only a situational card that can be searched / called by effect.

Sirius Lailaps
     This card has nice stat which are always nice to have in your backpocket.

Capella Origar 
      This card is really under-estimated. But outside  of Astraeus, this card has more than the double defense of any other Star monster. Yep, it really fixes a major issue Star have : big lack of defense. Thanks to Cassiopeia spam, you can always use him as a silver bullet against decks with low power (Wizard, Raging spirit to force your opponent to attack him with his size 3 rather than his Ricky).

Stallion of the Divine King, Sleipnir
    Use this card as a shield. This is as simple as that. BEFORE an attack you call him to the center to protect yourself (if you do it after the direct attack is declared, then this is already too late). You can also call him on top of your monster to avoid penetrate.

Size 0

    Size 0s are really important in Stars. You always want to have your field full with size 2/1/0 formation. So 5/6 size 0s are the minimum. Prioritize Moon Celestial, Selene's two crits over Procyon Melampus's 4k power because Star focus on the opponent's life rather than is monsters.
Perseus Algol is not worth it. Is stats are soo lackluster, it does nothing. Melampus lacks damage, but it can kill guy and help link attack. Perseus cannot. For this reason, the -1 gauge will rarely matter because your opponent will simply ignore it.

Loki the Ehrgeiz
      This card is so good. It empties an Secret sword, a Cradle, a Sieger, and even a Death Tallica. Obviously it is super meta dependant. But it can win games.

 Seventh Omni Earth Lord, Count Dawn is not as broken as in any other decks.
     The problem is that once you have Frozen stars, there is only one place where this card can be called : the center, when you don't have a size 2 to call here and you must call Count dawn before drawing.
    It really hurts because you sometime call him because you have neither Nemea nor Zlatarog in the center, and you finally draw the size 2. Because you cannot afford to slow yourself like that you must call him on top of Dawn, which is a free -1 life in a deck lacking of defenses.
     It is still a very good card. Play up to 2, while making sure you don't damage the core of the deck.


Great Fate, Frozen Stars
    The first publish of this article I forgot to talk about this card °o° . But there isn't much to say about it : it is the heart and soul of the deck, and every card choices in the deck are made around this card.

Starfall Night
     This card is so so good. It really does everything : call monster to stop an attack, call on top to avoid penetrate, call a monster in reaction of an effect to to trigger Frozen star and cancel the aforesaid effect, and finally : call Cassiopeia at the end of the opponent's turn to use it on the next turn.

Oswira gard. 
    This new addition for Legend world is too good. As long as you play it during an opponent's attack you get one free gauge. And if the attacking monster has penetrate, because your monster was destroyed by Oswiren gard and not by battle, penetrate won't trigger.

Symbel gard
    As an abyss symfony clone, it is obvious that this card must be played.
    Don't forget that if Breathen gard is in the drop, you can choose to not pay the cost (but you can choose to still pay the cost if you need a monster to go to the drop).

Breathen gard
     Don't under estimate the power of this card.
    See it as a 6+ damage impact. Always ask yourself if you can kill your opponent with a link attack + Breathen gard. You can sometime not cast your Frozen star to keep the gauge for Breathen gard.

Chosen Being
     On it's own, this card is not that good. It is simply a wash that can be countered. And since we only have Astraeus as target, this card is mediocre.

Holy Grail
    Center null. Mandatory. Obvious.


Star Bow, Artemis Arrow
    The card is too good. Now that we are in a close center meta with low defense, this card clears the center and allows you to hit with your 2-crits monsters.
     Unless my opponent has an odd number of life, I will prefere to destroy a monster in the side rather than hitting with the mediocre 1 crit.

Divine Armor, Aegis
       This card actually did awful in the playtest. You have a close center. Yes this card is nice in few situations, but it won't be able to attack and more importantly it will take Artemis Arrow's spot. This not is not even 'ok' against the good match ups.

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