dimanche 7 juin 2015

What i would like to see in Buddyfight

    This article is only about what I dream of for the game buddyfight.  They will probably never happen.

Super buddy : 
    They are a slightly superior version of another card. For instance super drum has 6/3/5. They can only be played at one and only as your buddy.  You can only call them once and only by buddycalling him with one of the original version of the card that is in your deck (remember what i told you on buddycall in my previous article). This boost must not be too big to not favour too much the player who buddycalled, it can make viable some unplayed cards like Mega evolution did on certain Pokemon (in the competitive format of course).

One world I would like to see :
   Water world.
Pretty obvious. It would include mermail (like the mermaids in yugioh),Deep sea dragons, and finally pirates.

Extra deck. 
    If i had two only two things i would remember from yugioh that Konami did well, one of them will be the Extrat deck.
     There is no such thing than having this toolbox with 15 cards.
     First of, it enable some very situational cards to exist while they would never be played if they were supposed to stay in the main deck.  Maestroke beeing a good exemple of this.
    This is also such a skill intensive addition to the game. With a tiny extra deck and a lot of pretendant, you will need to playtest a lot to have the most optimale extra deck. And once you have your extra ready, you will need skill to pull the best answer for every situation.
    I can perfectly imagine having monsters and spells which can be called / cast whenever you want from your Extra deck (as long as you are in the right timing).

More specials flags.
    Just see how well the community reacted to Dragon ein ! We want more !
    Why not alternate Worlds' flags which makes you start with less gauge / life / cards but has an effect in compensation.
    For instance : Empowerd Magic world : Start with 0 gauge, once per turn, you can pay a gauge and draw a card.
    They must not necessarly be good, but seeing alternatives is always nice !

   I just wanted to share my dreams to you guys. I will do another article if there is anything else that comes to my mind.
What do you thing ? What do you dream of ? Which new world would you like to see ?
Tell us in the comment section.

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