lundi 23 novembre 2015

Happy birthday Buddyfight notebook !!


      Happy birthday !

      The first article of BFN was released on November 23th 2014. It is today the first birthday of BFN.

    Man it feels funny to thing about all that happened during this year. At that time I was still trying to understand the mechanics of the game.  Buddyfight, the community and BFN all evolved.

    And I am very happy about BFN's evolution with a monthly trafic growing each months which shows people appreciate the content.

     I don't really have precise plans on the long term. Probably come back on youtube.

     For those wondering for the near future, I use Twitter to keep you updated on my situation. You can find the explanations for the lack of recent content here.

I hope to see you for my next article
Until next time,
raise your flag... please.

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