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Playtest notes : Armorknight

Note : This article is now an archive. It has not been updated since Miracle Impact !

Description : Armorknight is the first deck i am trying to build.
It has a very aggressive playstyle mainly thanks to his penetration, destruction and level 0. The backclash of this is the defensive set up ( counter spell ) wich is not as good as other worlds (if not totally ludicrous).
Do note i don't use the 'Ace' archetype.

Wanna go fast ? Netdeck the TL;DR


Vanillas : 
    As a yugioh player i would never expect that, but vanillas are very good cards. Unlinke other games, having an effect cost a lot in stat. Those extra stats give them the edge over other monsters who have an effect. It is important for this world because danger is the one which has the best ones.

His haircut do
Armorknight Demon :
    Everybody was saying it is a good card. And he delivered. His 6 damages swing is huge and 9k attack makes him able to get ride of 98 % of the size cards (randomly given number).
The cost is pretty negligeable. Especially the tributed monster.
2 is for me the best number as he is not mandatory to win and you won't summon more than one per game.
     Use him at a good time and make the best use of him, and be careful when you summon him on the side. Because even thought that gives you the possibility allow you to protect him (battle circle aura, demon slay barrier), your opponent might neglect him and try to gun you down straithly. Wich will force you to sacrifice your demon in order to place a defensive formation. Wich will be a waste of 2 monsters and 2 gauges. If you don't summon him on the center make sure you can win the life points race.

Armorknight Ifrit :
The size 3 of the poor. This card is good but no way near the potential of Demon. First, Medusa and Hysteric spear does the work to penetrate perfectly fine. Second, this card does not much when your opponent center is empty : he can only crit for 3 while Demon can dish out up to 6 damages.

Armorknight Black Drake :
I never played him. But it is unlikely that i will. His call cost is too big. No only he is miles away from Demon, Bahamus is superior (monster tribute is negligable in an Armorknight deck).


Armorknight cerberus :
     The best level 2 of the armorknight in my opinion. Getting rid of your opponent monsters without attacking is priceless (maybe i exaggerate).
Not only it destroys cards hard to beat in battle (sieger), but it also bypass shields.
With only the fullfire effect, cerberus is worth beeing my Buddy.
I am not using the soul guard effect and am doing just fine. But i know a good use of this bonus effect is what makes the difference between a Joe and a Pro.

Nightfly dragon, rahal
    Man this card is strong, it's not even funny. The problem with wall lizard is his one gauge cost : you don't want to run a monster who will get destroy by a pillar of fire or a death grip. This card is free meaning you don't risk anything. Also it is such a combination with Batlle spirit union, gah ! A 11k defense wall. Just saying to the opponent : you cannot attack this turn !

Armorknight Wall lizard :
     To understand why this card is so good, you need to know one rule : when a monster attack another monster, and the attacked monster is removed of the field (sacrifice or card effect). The attack ends and the attacking monster cannot attack for the rest of the turn (except Double Attack) : No replay like in yugioh.
     When you have Wall lizard in your center, your opponent tries to attack him, you tribute him for his effect, the first attack end, and the next attack will be reduced by two. 
Considering you already attacked with Wall lizard and his 3 criticals, this will definitly give you an edge on the life race game. This is definitly the best t0 (first turn of the game) play that Danger world can pull out.
You can also play him in the side to swing for 3 and then turn him in a phoenix wall.
Don't summon him when there is  a fulled field because the opponent may only need to attack him last to waste this card's potential.

Armorknight Medusa :
    This card is very good. The penetrate is basically 2 free damages. This let you destroy a monster while keeping the pression on your opponent. The still have flaws : if your opponent does not have a monste in the center she becomes a vanilla.

  LEVEL 1 :

     What a man. I tell you, you try it, you like it. As it was said with cerberus destroying throught effect is very good and and the monster tribute it fine.
Don't use him randomly, sometime, the destroyed monsters would be replace next turn anyway.
Currently i am playing 2 of him and i am doing fine. Don't know if i should play more though.

Armorknight Hellhound :
Armorknight Oger :
    I wanna talk about those two monsters because they are the most versatiles ones :
    - Hellhound has the best combat stats, he can destroy most of the opposit monsters and force the opponent to link to overtake it's 6k defense. To offset that it only has one critical.
    - Oger on the other hand is a lot more fragile, but can both beat most of the size 2 or less monsters and critical your opponent straight.
Thanks to cerberus, those cards will always be usefull.

Armorknight gargoyle :
   A lot less versatile but effective nonetheless. 3 criticals is huge for a level one. Only usefull when the opponent's center is cleared, so you will play a smaller ratio than hellhound and oger.


Level 0 :
     Level zeros are here to be combined with your level 3 or serve as a fodder for cerberus. You will hardly ever find yourself in a 1/0/2 board set up as the center must be cleared for your weapon ; and when you are in this situation, your opponent will just freely kill all your monsters as you won't be able to activate any counter as your center will be filled.

    I would play tiger  and eagle at two each. As they both have their situations where they shine : leopard is better when the center is empty while eagle is good when it is filled in order to set up a direct attaque for your level 3.
     Goblin is very situational. It is only good against a deck who care of the monsters on the side and against monsters with 1k defense. In other case it will only be a sitting duck who takes the spot of a level 1 after your opponent gets rid of your level 3. Again, center must be empty.
As for Wisp, i haven''t played it and i don't thik i will because she is a defensive card only. And if i was ment to play a defensive level 0, it would be goblin.


    I was pretty sceptic about that card. But it is in fact a very good card. It is both a level 0, a level 1, a level 2 and a level 3.
Need demon, reuse him. Need to play cerberus. This card can be cerberus or the fodder.
Trick : When you have armor reuse in your hand, you can charge monsters to the gauge and send them to the drop. You can reuse them if needed.


Armorknight formation :
    This card is not very good.. Armorknight as an aggro deck does not care of monsters besides the center one. Consequently you won't be fighting monster that much wich makes formation irrelevant. Most of the monsters in Armorknight are 5 hundred attacks. If a deck contains a lot of 6k defense key monsters / level 3 monsters, i will reconsider this card.
I will keep on testing

Demon break slash vs Demon slayslash :
    There is something that is not debatable about those cards : You need to play 3/4 of them. You need defense or you will die with cards in your hand.
    But it is not as clear who is the best between them Break is better in my opinion at the moment. As he will (almost) always be alived.
I will keep on testing

     You cannot use it on a link attack. So it removes a lot of utility as, unlike 'A' deck, you cannot do this 5 damages attack.

Should i  play Gaugers ? (cards who gives you gauge) :
I have often seen myselft in the situation where i needed more gauges to make more plays. (to play my Weapon and my size 3, or just have enought gauge for all my counters). I hate gaugers because it is a straight -1 for me, but if it can give me the edge needed to rush my opponent then it may not be as bad as it sounds.
The three gaugers fufilled three differents situations (the three cards are ranked below by their situation probability):
    - Lord Aura meditation if i need those gauges in my first turn
    - Bold retaliation if i use my gauge later in the game.
    - And if i am only one gauge short Dimensional demon slay slash is neat against gauge dependant decks, and having this -1 gauge is always disturbing for the opponent.

Crimson slash :
    I said previously that destruction effect was priceless... Well actually it is not, and this card is bad.
This card does only one thing : it trades 1 for 1 at the cost of one gauge. Sometimes, you don't need that monster to be destroyed by effect : you can just attack over him.
    If i had to use one card and one gauge to destroy one of my opposite monster, i would rather use a counter card (Demon break/slay slash).
   Oh, and cerberus does the job better.

Demon slay barrier :
   I really love this card. It makes sure you monster (demon) will live another day and stops links attacks. Unfortunatly in a lot of games the opponent will ignore your monster and attack you directly. This is why i don't main more than one.
    But, but, this card is such a strong side deck card. Cards who destroy equipment are very good against danger world but very cost efficiant. If you cancel the destruction thanks to this you make your opponent waste 2 gauges.
   To conclude, this card can be played main deck with a tiny ratio (2 or less) and the side deck will complete.

Battle circle aura :
    I don't want to waste time explaining why this card is mandatory. This is the best defensive card in the world, period. No condition (having the center free is not a condition to be honest) and no cost. Can protect you, or your monster

Battle spirit infusion
    When your opponent attacks your monster with a card which power is higher by 3k to your monster's defense : save your monster from this attack.
    No, this is bad. The conditions ( monster attack, 3k or lower) make this card far too situational for a very underwelming effect. Your opponent will rarely attack your monsrers because most of the times your center will be free, and even when it happens, you still get -1, and you are still not sure your monster will survive, because the boost only lasts one fight.
     This card can also be used offensively (get over a monster whose defense is too high), but Armorknight have the tools to deal with high defense monsters

Battle spirit union
    This is better.  Or i should rather say : this is super good. Indeed, this card is totally out of the "battle boost" norm.
     First of it can be played at anytime, meaning you can counter pillar of fire etc.
     Second it can boost by a lot ( up to 6k)
     Lastly it lasts ( no joke intended ) for the WHOLE turn. This can disturb the opponent's strategy for the turn. If there is a 10k+ wall monster as only attack target, then your opponent can just end his turn right here.
     There are of course some weaknesses,
       - Need a weapon
       - You must choose between power or défense
but the pros largelly outweight the cons.
     At least that is what we can say in Duel Dragon. Unfortunatly this is not the case in Armorknight. There isn't much monster that will force the opponent to attack him (we cannot play Demongodol, only Rahal). Since your center will be opened, your opponent will ignore your monster and go for you.

    This is one of danger world's pride : beeing able to counter destroy a weapon for only one gauge is madness. There is the direct attack clause, but most item build will attack you with it (unless they judge it is not worth it to take the risk to run into a double guillotine). Finally you get the possibility to deal dommages equal to your weapon's critical (ie 2 or 3). But this is just icing on the cake.
     Note : this doesn't destroy any items, only weapon (with the release of legend world's shield and hero world's transform this is now an important point. Read all your cards again to see what word is written on each of them).
     In the right match up, this card is so good. It takes all the slow decks and force them to go man mode. But as Danger world is the manliest  this will most of the time go in your favor.
    Unfortunatly a lot of decks aren't affected by maji. Forcing it to stick to the side deck.


Hysteric spear :
   This card is so strong, but soooo expensive. Having a penetrate wepon basically says to your opponent : you cannot call to the center ! With his very decent stat, cost put appart it is the best weapon.
    Unfortunatly 2 gauges is too much. If you try to summon to cast both hysteric spear and demon you cannot keep some gauges to cast defensive spells such as Demon Break slash. And danger world has also a lot of cards to penetrate and clear the center (Medusa/MAJI).
    To conclude it is too expensive for what it gives.

Explosive Axe, Ricdeau Demon Slash :
   Wouf !! Not only do you hold your breath because this card's name is very long, but it is also very good. As everybody guessed, The condition is pretty meaningless because you want your center clear to hit with your weapon. And his stats are so strong, 6k makes hi run over any monsters that block you the way to the opponent's life. The most versatile weapon in the world.

Demonic spear, swirling Darkness :
    I will put this simply, it is a "small" Ricdeau. You drop the yolo condition and 3k offense. This is not important when you just crit your opponent directly. But the gain of versatility of Ricdeau is worth it.

Boulder piercing spear :
    Don't underestimate this card. It does one think : it is a weapon, and it is FREE. Even if two damages and 3k power is pretty low, but it is still a free attack when you reached the size 3 limit. And it unlock all the spells who needs you to own a weapon (Invigoring breath, Battle spirit union).
   Eventually, it is the cheapest item in the word. You will be able to replace it with with your main weapon (read Ricdeau or Hysteric spear) once you draw it.


Defensive play (still testing) :
    Currently i only have one defensive monster :  Hellhound. And he is mainly used as fodder. But i want to see when to play defensively in Armorknight. I will test Armorknight Golem, Nightflight Dragon, Rahal (even thought he is not an Armorknight), also i am now considering more defensive plays turn 0 : for instance starting with Hellhound.
    Also i have to make a reminder for myself : Rahal is NOT an Armorknight, you CANNOT use Armor reuse nor tribute him for Asmodaï (but you can for Demon).


Dungeon world : 
       [ Dungeon Ennemy and Adventurer] :
      Armorknight have the tools to fight this deck.  The match up is bad solely because Dungeon is THE best deck currently. He can rush your life or play the grind game with Continue ! and Rest at Nozaro.
      With 2 Double Guillautine in the main deck, and two in the Side i currently have 4 to counter Glory Seeker wich is very very good. But my opponent might decide do side out Glory Seeker or gauge them. But this is a big loss for him and without it, they have no chance to win the life  race game.
     Unfortunatly this is not enought. Because Drum is a thing and i need to find a way to counter The Drum/Tetsuya combo.
      I will try MEJI to force my opponent in a life Race ( no Rest at Nozaro ). And as a combination wich Double guillautine it seems very strong.
    Also Harty ? I really need to test that guy. As much as his power is strong, he is fragile. On the one hand, without protections, he will only force one attack. On the other hand, forcing your opponent to focus this guy will protect your life. So it seems only good for a life race.
    Finally, I wanna share that i remove my Wall lizards ( at least 2 out of 3 ) because i don't wanna invest one gauge in a card that is too fragile and can only get Pillar of fire'd.

Darkness dragon world :
    They have so good destruction cards (death grip, instant death), especially the anti weapon wich they definitly will abuse. This is why i side in Demon slay barrier. Do not put a monster on the center. No matter wich version they play. If they have shadow dive they will totally ignore it, and if they have Spectral strike they will be able to hit you while you won't be able to protect your monster. Once again, side out wall lizard because of death grip.

Dragon world :
   This match up is really tought.Not really because of the shields, but mainly because of DragoBond. This card is such a pain. He nullyfies asmodai, cerberus... I need to find some outs against this deck.

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