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HD Beatdown : Join the Hundred demons

    Coming from every worlds, the Hundred demons seek to dominates Buddyfight.
Rallied by the great fiend, Yamigedo, and gathered with the sneaky ability 'Thunder Mine'; they now unleashed, and nothing will stop them.
    Don't try to ignore it. You too are called by Yamigedo to rally the army of evil. Come join me to The Parade of the Hundred Demons.

      Hundred demons is not a deck; it is a world just like Dragon world, Magic world. With all the support available, multiple strategies are available. And from my experience, trying to combine the best of all strategies is like looking in multiple directions : you will end up with an ineffective an inconsistent deck.

    The deck I builded is HD beatdown.
     With Yamigedo and Gokumengaiou leading the charge, and the toolbox of size 2 and less monsters to back them up, HD Beatdown has a clear goal : call monsters and hit, until the opponent conceed. Monsters with Thunder mine are rare in this deck. See the ability as a luxury. Raw stats and utility are favored over the burn.

     The strengh of the deck is the versatility of the size 2/1 and the amazing stalling game with the huge defense of the size 3s and the counter cards.
The big weaknesses are : lack of turn 0 plays, also it has very low ressource management and needs of set up which makes the deck really reliant of it's starting hand.

Random notes and card that didn't make the cut :

Size 3 :

     With 8k power and a soul which can go up to 3 cards, this card is a huge wall. When you take into consideration the strong powerful HD brings (mainly Yamitagae), getting ride of this card will be complicate. Combine this with a big offense, this card is worth it's statue of leader of the hundred demons. The thunder mine ability is a nice plus that can snatch games.
     I prefere O-Yamigedo over the original Yamigedo because it has better stats and a better thunder mine for one more gauge which never hurted me.

     If Yamigedo is a powerful leader, that doesn't make Gokumengaiou a card players should sleep on.
I will even say that you should prioritize Gokumengaiou over Yamigedo. Gokumengaiou is less tanky and doesn't have the nice Thunder mine ability, but he is much more cost efficient (the soul comes from the drop), and he works on it's own.
     Just remember that he only have Double attack when he is in the center.

Great Leader, Anson
      Between Anson and Gokumegaiou, ot is personnal choice. Gokumegaiou's double attack is more valuable than the resurection in my opinion. The extra safety from Gokumengaiou is also great.

Size 2 :

     Dunstan is HDBeatdown looks cool at first sight. You pay 2 gauge,  grab Starved Yamigedo, and SY will repay those two gauges.
      Unfortunatly, the card did not show up during the playtests. It takes time for Starved to fill your gauge, and while Starve takes into effect, you will feel the lack of gauge. How many time did I die with Burn nova in my hand and only two gauges, I could not equip myself with Hungry claw Raiga, I
had to delay Yamigedo for a long time...
Ice Prison Emperor, Cocytus Greed
      In the familly 'annoying', Cocytus greed is probably the teenager in his teenage crisis. The free gauge is very nice. And the 360 no scope on the opponent gauge can heavily impact games.
     But what really makes Cocytus greed powerful is the destruction ability. It can destroy everything, even set impacts which are currently very hard to hit. It can even be activated multiple times. 3 gauge is actually very cheap considering Cocytus greed come to the field with one gauge of his own and Starved Yamigedo is a powerful gauge source.
     But as said in the video, there is only  so much utility can do. And sometimes you just want pure stats.
Evil Dragon, Gataraoroch
      This card has very good stats and a very good skill. Unfortunalty there isn't space for him in the size 2 line up. already Cocytus greed that does the  job better

Size 1 :

      The hierarchi of the level, Befreien he throws it away. He can get ride of Size 3s like they were
size 0. Outside of it's poor defense, there is no backclash : the power doesn't matter because the skill does the work for it, the 2 crits are solid, and there is no cost.
Living Mad Gazer
     If the card is originally designed to combo with Strong summon, it can do well without it. 3/2/6 are some very respectfull stats for a size 1.
The only issue is that I pref using the size 2s  in the center.

Size 0 :

     Because Yamigedo can only absorb Hundred demons, you should play size 0hds over Dawn.

     Don't forget to put a bit of size 0s HD. They very effectively fill spare monster zones, and are necessary if you want Yamigedo to get 3 souls.
     Avoid Chizumegumo,  his lack of power will hurt you and his additional critical isn't that valuable.
     If find Lasty versatility more valuable than the Thunder mines. But if your meta is very stacked, Vouivre and Dryad

     Avoiding the call cost of your monsters also stops your monsters to get the card in it's soul (which is part of call cost). It removes half the strength of your size 3s.

Impacts :

"Beast Mode", Hungry Claw War!
      If you don't have starved Yamigedo, you will likely not have the gauge for Hungry claw war. It
maques Hungry Claw war far too conditional to be effective.

Combo :
Cocytus greed + Omni Drum (7 lifes or less)
Call Cocytus greed, and activates his on call effect. If you have enough gauge, you can activate his second ability.
Use the gauge gain from Cocytus' skill to call Omni drum on top of it. When Cocytus leaves the field, you take the lifelink which procs Omni Drum's skill.

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