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Playtest note : Wydar sarkal

     Wydar sarkal is a grind deck that plays around multiple unique interaction. Most of them revolving around Wolman Gutz and Nightwitch Clear, two cards that protect your center from attacks as long as your right is not empty.

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Size 3

     Both of the size 3 have strengths. But they also have flaws. Playing one size 3 over playing both a size 1 and size 2 is not worth it in this deck. Consider playing one of those monster only in the end game when you have no other monster to call.

Demonic Beast, Grendel
       Before, the lack of defense LW killed the card. In the center, your opponent won't need to spend more than one attack to destroy him. And that attack could be done with a weapon. On the side, there is Holy grail to protect him, but your opponent won't attack him anyway.
      Now there is Scorn of goblin. It helps, but there are still no way to really abuse him, and it has it's weakness to monster's destruction (and counter-attack are given by spell to the monster, which means it works)

Colossal Sea Monster, Cetus
      If not handled correctly, this can wrack faces. But it is only one attack, and anti penetrate are growing up.

Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Tenbu
       Despite beeing designed for the sideboard, I would definitly recommend it in the main board because of the lack of board control the deck has.

Size 2

Wolfman, Gutz
     The third crit, in this grind archetype, is very good. The effect is too. Forcing your opponent to attack the side's monsters will slow aggresive decks dramatically. And if it forces an attack on Dawn, you loose next to nothing.
      Finally, there is the Loose a turn combo (see deck review).
      The only weakness is that it can be killed by destruction effect.

King of Forest, Zlatarog
      There is no Legend world deck that doesn't play Zlatorog. Why wouldn't you play it in the deck it belongs to ?

First Tribulation, Gold Lion of Nemea
       This card is so strong that I would splash it in any close center decks. You call it to the center and search itself. With this circle, you will have your center protected for 4 turns. You end the loop by searching Divine Stallion, Pegasus.
       I also like the Nemea + succubus combo : Nemea searches Pegasus, and Succubus discards Pegasus for it's effect. You draw 2 for 2 gauges.
        The problem is that Zlatorog and Wulfman, Gutz already  take all the rooms for size 2s.

Armored Dragon, Cuelebre
       This card has not been tested.
       Before this card was terrible. It is a defensive card that must be placed on the side...
       Now it is a better option thanks to Night witch, Clear. But it exposes Clear's destruction fear even more because once Clear is out of the board through effect Cuelebre returns to the same terrible spot he was before HBT2.
       I will certainly play him in the side board for his high power.

Size 1

Red-eyed Succubus
      Succubus is the big release for WS. It is a better Shiden because 90% of the deck is turned into a Nice one!
       The only problem, is that that card cannot carry the deck on it's own. It is only a supportive card. It is only here to get you your kills and defensive cards. And WS has only average Kills and defense.

Night Witch, Clear
      It shares the same advantage than Grunt, but has a major drawback : 1000 power. In today's Buddyfight, having so few power is usually lethal.
      But the 3 crits are highly valuable.

Spring Heeled Jack
       This card has very nice power. When you have Rune Staff, the gauge effect may seems overkill, but more gauge effect stabilize the deck when you don't draw said staff.

Divine Stallion, Pegasus
       The only quality this card can brag of, is that it is both an Olympus and WS. Outside of that, it is only a 2 critical vanilla with sub-par combat stats.
       Play it if you also play Nemea.

Great Wind Spirit, Sylph
      The first effect is nice.
      But the second effect.... It is so good. The number of combos is so high : you can call Sylph to the right get Clear or Wolfman for double protection, you can also get Succubus for Cards advantage, Zlatarog for gauge...
(not tested)

Those cards has not been playtest because too weak in my theory.
Red Dragon, Welsh & White Dragon, Gwiber
     I don't like combo card. And wydar sarkal is not stable enough.  But Welsh can go up to 3 crits which is an undeniable strength.

Odd Bird, Harpy
     Once the effect resolved she does nothing. Jack will still provide you gauge with better stats.

Wawel Drache
     It is a very decent sideboard thanks to his huge stats.But I would prefer Cuelebre if you need 7k power.

Size 0

Seventh Omni Earth Lord, Count Dawn
     I don't think it is worth buying more than one Count dawn for the other decks in Legend world. But in WS.... You have to buy him 5 times ! Because this is by far the best buddy in the deck.
With it's effect you will cal him frequently, and you are able to delay the buddycall.

Demonic Beast of Gem, Vouivre
      This card is ok. But compared to Count dawn, you don't have the room for it.

Distant Sun Count Dawn
      The goal of regular Count dawn in Wydar sarkal is to take hits because of Clear and Wolfman.
       If you are not planning on using the Loose a turn combo, then Distant Sun can be considered over regular Count dawn.


 Great Spell, Weistadt
       Very nice card with Rune staff. Especially for the Loose a turn combo (see in the deck review for more information on the combo).
       If you are not playing the staff, the price of the card is too much.

Oswira gard
        More gauge, stops penetrate.

Scorn of Gremlin
     This card in the Hundred demon set is very clutch. It adds another tool to the lackluster defensive box. And it is a Wydar sarkal, which means it is a target for succubus.
     Prioritize this card over Holy grail.

Decisive Battle of the Land, Lord of Walkure
     I can see this be a thing. With Weistadt + Laevatein you have ~6 cards that can trigger this one. But with Oswira and Succubus, I don't think Lord of Walkure is necessarry.
(not tested)

Annoying ways of the troll (Wott)
     Upon tease, this card was considered good because of it's effect to negate size 3s. Something that wasn't seen before ! You can negate the summon of Sieger, Armorknight demon...
      But this is very situational. And it is even more situational with the "Two Wydar sarkals on field" clause.
      And if the size 3 hits the field (because you did not have Wott, or you only had one Wydar sarkal at the time), Wott's size 3 counter effect will be irrelevant until you finally get ride of the size 3 AND your opponent get another size 3.
        Conclusion : Wott is good against size 3 heavy decks,and currently there is only Raging spirit.
       Against other decks, Wott is just another spell canceler which stops cards like Nice one!, Divine dragon creation or Purgatory knight forever, and restricts your opponent's plays. With a lot of gauge, Wydar can play 8 spell cancelers, but that makes Wott only decent at most.

Breathen gard
       With all the gauge, WS can definitly abuse the hell out of this card. Too bad the recycle effect has this trash condition. Because we would have definitly use it.

Symbel gard
     As an abyss symfony clone, it is obvious that this card must be played.
     Don't forget that if Breathen gard is in the drop, you can choose to not pay the cost (but you can choose to still pay the cost if you need a monster to go to the drop).


Rune staff
       WS is probably the best deck to play Rune staff in. The abundance of gauge Rune staff gives you allows you to play expensive card carelessly. And the removal of the life cost is the only reason why Great spells Weistadt and Colossal Flame Sword Laevatein are worth playing.
       The only problem this card has, it that if you build your deck to maximize the gauge abundance, you will brick if you don't draw the staff.

Star Bow, Artemis Arrow
       It is another possibility. It gives a lot more field control and damage. But I prefer Rune staff for all the options it opens.


Great Spell Finisher, Colossal Flame Sword Laevatein!
      This card is the first card to use the abundance of gauge Rune staff brings. The second one beeing Buddy Help
       Prefer Laevatein over BuddyHelp. Buddyhelp gives more ressource management which is what Wydar sarkal doesn't lack. On the other hand, Laevatein gives field control which is just what the deck needs.

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