jeudi 28 janvier 2016

Omnirion : The return of the terror

    Kaizerion dictates it, Omnirion is an aggro deck . You equip Kaizerion and you hit with it's high crit penetrate. The only changes are Schwarz sd and the omni lords which gives you a very safe edge in term of offensive power.

Lightspeed Express X-Blazer
    This is the back up ride. But it is no way as strong as Kaizerion. In the decklisted I recorded, I took the safe route, but you can also go toward a more do or die route : you can remove X-blazer and replace it by more effective  which increases the risk of not hitting Kaizerion/Call super machine, but instead, if you do get Kaizerion, you you have much more powerful cards once you have Kaizerion on the field.

Schwarz "SD"
    Use this card as a buddy over Kaizerion. Since you will call schwarz every turns thanks to it's effect, you will be able to delay the buddycall until you reach the life break for It's about time I got serious.

INV Third Omni Water Lord, Dark Miserea
     The problem with this monster is space, I have to put it after the two Omni lords size 2s (Omnidrum, OG Miseria) because it is not searchable by Emblem of the omni lord.
If you remove X blazer, it is definitly something you should consider playing.
Feel free to test other omni lord size 2s as there aren't any strong size 2s for Omnirion's in hero world.

    Another Kaizerion variant is DarKaizerion with more Dark heros (Schwarz sd, Gwen, Weiss) and abuse First Darkhero Hideout.
You can find the deck beeing played here (from Hunter Serge's channel) :

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