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Playtest notes : Hero (Legend world)

    Hero  is an aggresive deck from Legend world which turns about Items and the ability to change the item depending on the situation.

      Something that you must keep in mind during the building is that the two power cards of hero (Caliburn grief and Oberon) require a drop investment. Caliburn needs 4 DIFFERENTS hero, Oberon needs 7 heros.

Latest update : HBT02

Size 3

Fairy King, Oberon
    This card is sick. The skill drain effect is broken : it stops Counter attack and Soulguard, which, parired with a double attack, makes it a boss monster killer; also, it slows down any deck which relies on monster effects.
     But because of Hero's gauge issue, you cannot aford to spend two gauges to 'only' call a 9/2/7 double attack, which is very fragile nowadays. So don't play too much, and don't hesitate to charge it if you draw it too early.

Size 2 

Valkyrie, Brilliant Brynhildr
   Note : for those who  have an older print of this card, it's power is 5000 not 3000. You can find all the errratas here.
   Valkyrie is by far the best size 2 Hero. A 5/2/3 move and two lifes for one life truly covers the lack of defense hero world has. Also if the card added in the soul is by chance a hero, it will help you fill reach the limits of your cards.

King of Forest, Zlatorog
    With the gauge cost Hero has, this card is mandatory.
     Do not hesitate to call him only for it's effect and immediatly squash it to call a better monster.

Valkyrie, Salvation Eir
     This card is very good to reset the field after a Caliburn grief and not run out of ressources. In the Mabinogion build, you have a very larger amount of ressource anyway, so she is not nedded.

Size 1

Great Magician, Merlin
      This card is a bit random, but with enough Hero spell / Item (at least 16), you will get the +0,5
more often than not.
       The strengh of Merlin is that it accelerates your drop with effectively. With it's price you can ditch two Heros. And the cards you get can be charged in the next turns.

Knights of the Round Table, Gareth
   There is nothing to write home about, it is just a mover with lackluster stats.  But defensive cards like him are needed in Legend world, the world with the worst defensive options.

Fairy Knight, Daoine Shee
     6k power.

Size 0

Valkyrie, All-knowing Alwidol
    This card is the second reason  why you want to play Merlin. Opening with both Merlin and Alwidol gives you an easy +2 (I should have put in in my top 5 opening).
   And on it's own, Alwidol is not a dead draw. It still has a decent 3k power (most of the size 1s in Hero have 3k power or less), can be called in tandem with Oberon. And as a hero it helps you reach the milestone of the other cards.

Seventh Omni Earth Lord, Count Dawn
     A little bit of Count dawn never hurt. Play one to have an imortal side position monster when Oberon is on the field. But you shouldn't play more than one because with Oberon is the only situation where this is usefull.

Spell :

Holy Grail
       Best defensive spell in Legend world. Also it is a hero.

Book of Illusions, Mabinogion
     This card is very controversial.
    On it's own, this card is really sick. But is also conflicts with Caliburn grieff.
    This card is very binary. It can gives you so much card you will not know what to do with it if the game last long enough, or it can do nothing if your opponent rushes you. Hero don't suffer from ressource management, so it can do well without it.
     In term of deck stats, if you play Mabinogon, you increase your Draw power by a lot, but you trade it for fewer Damages and Field control, because you have to link attack which is easier to shield.
     In my opinion, this card should be played. It is another Merlin target, you very rarely get both Mabinogon and Caliburn at the same time, but if you do, just charge or discard Mabinogon.
    Keep in mind the meta you are playing under. You should avoid this card if there is too much rush.

Heroic Spirit
    The size 1s defense arae too low to hope that they will survive.
    But there is Oberon, Valkyrie, it is an additional Merling target and it can be use to answer ennemy's battle booster.
     Don't max out, but play a few, to just put the pression of having the card.

 Scorn of Gremlin
    It is very nice to have this card added in the defensive line up. Complete your line up with it.

Oswira gard. 
    This new addition for Legend world is too good. As long as you play it during an opponent's attack you get one free gauge. And if the attacking monster has penetrate, because your monster was destroyed by Oswiren gard and not by battle, penetrate won't trigger.

Breathen Gard
     This card is not as good as in other LW decks. Hero can dish out less damage in a single turn than Wydar sarkal, Star... It also doesn't need the spell destroyer thanks to Caliburn grief.
     With Mabinogion, this card becomes terrible because you reduce your deck's damage by yourself, and you give an opponent an unstoppable shield timing :
    Mabinogion's effect happens during the battle phase. If your opponent activates a shield as n answer to Mabinogion 's effect (which he will if he knows the rules), then you are not allowed to counter it because Mabinogion's effect is already on the stack.

Symbel Gard
     Without Breathen Gard, Symbel gard looses a lot of it's charm. And with Mabinogion, you already have all the draw power that you want.

Item :

Divine Protection, Prydwen
    This card must be played if you are running Mabinogon. You attack with your main weapon (let's say gugnir), then you equipment change with Prydwen and link attack with one of your monster. You then turn a single attack into a link attack.
    If you are not playing Mabinogon, the protection effect can help you against link attack + spell null. And gives you additional survability when you have spare gaue, or you have your back against the wall.

Immortal Sword, Durandal
      The invincibility effect is nice, but not important.
       What really makes this item good is -the 6k power, which is a level Hero monsters hardly reach.
- the absence of constraint (no burn, no gauge cost).
       On a side note, this card gives you the ability to use it as a Buddy. In a metagame where Durandal is the key of the deck, and must be played at 4, then take if as your Buddy. Merlin helps you grab it more easily, and with Prydwen and equipment change, you can get the Buddygift the second / third... time you equip yourself. It is very important in order to get the life break for Symbel gard.
        But right now, Durandal shouldn't be played more than 2 times.

Famous Sword, Hrunting
     This card is now outdated. With the transform / ride mechanic, this card purely dies to Hero world (also March braver is a thing).
       The only match up where this card shines over the the other weapons is against open center which absolutly no defensive monster. And it doesn't exist anymore.

Divine Spear, Gungnir
      Hysteric spear for free. Really ?! By itself this card is super good. It gets even better with
Prydwen to avoid the burn, or with the Omni lord Drums (once they are released).

Dragon Vanquishing Sword, Balmung
      In main deck, this card is correct. Decent crits, sufficiant power. In the side, this card is just broken. A searchable side deck card is always powerful because it means you easily access to those cards which usually determin the game.

Sword of the King, Excalibur
     My friend like the card. I don't. Far too situatioal. 10k double attack is very nice, but the effect is meaningless.

Demon Sword of the King, Clarent
      This card has the same problem than Orthrus : the effect is relying on your opponent to not have any defensive spell. This time you can repeat the attack each turns, but that still delays the effectiveness, by 1 turn for each shield in your opponent's hand, and if you have Prydwen, the gauge cost will quickly stack up.



King's Wave, Caliburn Grief
     This is the reason why Hero is a thing.
     Don't use it as a card advantage machine because it also whips your board. But it gives you a tempo advantage by stopping any of his monster attack and opening his center.
     What makes this card really sick is that it is an impact, thus it can hardly get negated. The only answers possible are soulguard and effects that protection destruction.
      Against monsters that combine soulguard and penetrate, the repercusion of Caliburn on your monsters becomes an advantage because it will deny the penetrat.
      Ps : Against decks which turns around Set spells, this card makes the match up a stomp.

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