lundi 25 janvier 2016

Why star is now a lock deck

     At the creation, Stars was designed to be a lock deck : Astraeus + Frozen stars = obvious lock combo. But it turned out that the community didn't use they that way : Damian topped with a grind/flood Star decklist. Me, and every other Stars players followed this way. The lock concept just wasnt competitif.

With the recent support, it is now the lock variant under the spotlights.
Explanation of the evolution of the lock.

     At release, the lock was composed of Astraeus and Frozen stars. It wasnt competitive because
a) It was complicate to set up
b) It was easy to pop

     With Frozen stars beeing an unsearchable card, you cannot be sure you can place the lock. Even if you did acess to the combo pieces, it was still a 4 gauge investissement.  When you placed the combo, your opponent probably already pushed throught your defenses and it was usually too late.
      If Magical goodbye was (and still is) the only out to Astraeus, your opponent could simply hit the gate and the sun is more than a vanilla.
     This is why the deck went away from the combo. The deck runs Frozen stars because it is a powerful card but doesnt focus on the combo if not totally neglect it.

     Now the combo is Astraeus + Colossal Deity of Phantom Star, Astraeus and/or Frozen stars. 
     Having S0 Astraeus is not as good as having Frozen stars, but it is still a +1.5 each turns.
      It is much easier to set up because s0 Astraeus is free and can be searched with Nemea. You now have 8 cards to combo with S2 Astraeus (12 if you add Nemea).
     The combo is also much easier to protect. S2 Astraeus saves S0 Astraeus, and Shield of Knowledge, Tetra Vibrion will protected Frozen stars from non-counter destruction.
      The lock also have a higher ceilling. If you have all three cards, it will leave your opponent no choice but watch his life melt like snow under the sun.

This is why lock Stars is much better than before.
    At the same time, Flood Stars did not thrive with the new support :
      Without S2 Astraeus you won't be able to activate S0 Astraeus effect. Never. Okay if you have double Starfall night you can... But the stats loss is definitly not worth it.
     Tetra Vibrion also loose a lost of utility. You cannot be sure you will get the gauge from it's effect because of how fragile your monsters are, and more importantly, it won't protect you if your opponent goes for the life as your center will be filled with Zlatorog or Nemea. 

    For the next pack, it will be flood stars that will get suport with Gemini Castor & Pollux. I don't really like the card so I think lock Stars will stay the number 1. But we'll see.

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