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Playtest notes : Dungeon Hybrid

This article is now an archive. It has not been updated since Assault of the Omni lords

     If withe the release of Miracle Impackt Dungeon Ennemies and Pure Adventurers received some very good supports that turned the decks inside out, for Dungeon Hybrid, it is much more timorous. To sum up, Dungeon Hybrid got a nice defensive boost (new counter cards and some good movers) and a few silver bullets (cards that you play as one of to search throught effect, remember this term it will be used during the article).


Effect timing :
    Effect who activates "When this cards links attacks" triggers before your opponent has the opportunity to counter.  This means that even if the attack gets countered, the effect have already applied. Make sure to activate them before your opponent could respond to be sure there is no problem.


    Hopefully there is not any useful size 3.


Brave Drum :
    The best size 2. Why ? His stats are subpart (his 5k power are good, but his 2k defense are very very low) and his penetrate is under the condition of winning a rock paper scissor. But it has a very solide 3 criticals and a free soulguard.  Since it has only 2k defense, he is only an ok wall. But it is this soul guard is what makes Drum so strong, and such a good partner for Tetsuya. If you read the description you will learn that it's weakness is if you destroy the monster who was targeted by Tetsuya's effect. But Drum cannot be destroy during the attack because of his free second life. Meaning the attack will go through no matter what.
    Note : the penetrate effect lasts for the whole turn if it succeeds once. So if you link with tetsuya, if Drum gets the penetrate in the first attack he will already have it in the second attack.

    If i were to make a top 3 of the best aggresive size 2 in this deck on their own, then this card would be tied with Drum. If i had to explain why this card is so good, i would rather write an article to explain why double attack is such a strong ability (it makes me wanna write an article that will cover every key abilities).
    The only that makes this card a bit under Drum overall, is that it doesn't have as much interaction with the rest of that as Drum. No tetsuya shenanigans, and no link with the mission cards.

Magical Fortress, Orser Kleinz :
    Where to start with ? Having a better Koscher effect on a monster... Yeah, right... You basically net a +1.5 as soon as it hits the field. Or you attack with him and let him die next turn, or you just replace it right away and enjoy the free gauge. The hell of a card, wich is of course an Adventurer for interactions with the mission cards.

Blue Knight, Noboru :
      With the restriction on the card, it is not surprising that it is here to force the opponent center.
      And if there is no monster in the opponent's center ? Dont play this card, call another size 2 with more damage and run over your opponent.
      Noboru is a silver bullet.


Dancing Magician, Tetsuya :
    One of the key reason why the adventurer archetype is so strong, he gives you this rush potential. This card is in every otk combos this deck has. The main ones beeing the combos tetsuya + glory seeker + Drum/BladeWing who apply very easily and safely thanks to all the <<Adventurer>> support.
   And has very low possibility of counter because of this effect timing rule. Your opponent will be forced to to block two attacks. Except if you destroy the targeted monster to deny him the Double Attack.

Dragonblade Wielding Sheila Vanna :
     Who wouldn't want a 3 critical penetrate level one ? His low power stats beeing compensate by link attacks. Unfortunatly it needs a good set up and is less effective than Tetsuya. Still a very good level 1 in case you don't draw the Dancing Magician.

Young Pope, Alex
      This card is so strong. Any effects that create CA for no cost are good.
      Note : this card is also very potent against Katana world because it forces the hadess fall onto himself which frees Tetsuya from it.

Missile Magician, Addrick :
     His skill is pretty bad. It pings at one while Tetsuya would give a second attack to a 3-criticals Tetsuya.
     It bypasses shield, and can snipe the opponent before he gets the time to play any counters (if the opponent has a Shalshana or a Green Dragon shield, he will still die before he gets the time to activate it). this is nice, but almost irrelevant.
    The only reason to play this card is for his 4k power. Alex has almost the same power with a much more effective skill. You really cannot find the place for him anymore.

One Gauge Demon
      A very welcome card because of the lack of charger in Dungeon hybrid.
      But with the new counters, having no gauge is not as punishable as before. And outside of turn 0, 1 gauge demon is not as good as any size 1 adventurers.
      I would only play it because it is the only size 1 Dungeon ennemy.

Legendary Messiah, Tasuku
       With the release of this card it seems very strong for a 4 attacks formation. But it doesn't happens enought to play this card that much. Play it as a silver bullett.

Province Baron, Shido
       It has Spectral strike and can attack throught the center. This is cute... But all the other cards in the deck cannot. So you will have to open said center one day or another.
       His only strenght is his lifesteal and that against decks with Center shield you cannot block his attack because  the monster in the center will forbidd your opponent frorm casting his shield; and it can end up with a discusting game end.
      But shido dies to any cards that protects the player (Transform, Raging spirit...).
      I don't even know if I want to play him as a silver bullet.


    Since they don't take any place in the level count, you can summon them (from your hand or Continue ! ) no matter what your set up is.
     Sometime you can even set them in the center even if you have your weapon equipped because it can break the opponent's momentum by wastin one of their attack (but you cannot scare your opponent with pillar of fire then )
Mameshiba cobalt  and Bronze Golem, Jaish
     They both have 2 cris. Consequently they are the bests size 0. Since Jaish has more power than defense, it is more optimal than Mameshiba. But thestat difference will matter in one game out of 100. So play mameshiba in your local because of it's cuteness, but play Jaish in more important tournament.

Fate Skelton  and Evil Dryad
     Not as good as the 2 criticals, but their abitlity to take down 3k defense monsters is a good option. And since you have Continue ! who can summon the one you want if you have both of them in the drop, then this is definitly worth it to have this option.
      This time, because of her Thunder mine Dryad is 100 percent better than Skelton. She is also cuter.


Continue ! :
     One of the crazy cards cards that makes D.Hybrid what it is. Not only his effect is mad crazy (i won't extend over this because this is pretty obvious ) but this card is a legal target for every other spell/effect support in this deck. Why ? Because this is both a Adventurer and a dungeon ennemy (the main point beeing that it is an Adventurer). You can search it with form a party and recycle with Nazaro's or Orzer Klein.


Mission cards :
    Form a party is the key one. It allows you to search half your deck for no cost the condition is noticable but when it is met, you get a huge boost in the game.  Despite beeing a consistent card,it gives consistency to the deck.
    Note : if the set card that is supposed to trigger form a party is cancelled, then form a pary won't trigger.
    Because of this card, you must play  decent set of other spells.

    Nazaro's rest (this is how i call Rest at Nazaro's hot spring sorry) is a real pain in the but. When you have an Adventurer/Tetsuya duo, your opponent can't get rid of tetsuya as you will grab it back right after. And when you call someone in the center, your opponent will have no other choices to give you the +1 if he wants to reach your life.
      No matter what, you must play a ood number of this car.
     By the way, Nazaro's rest only triggers on BATTLE destruction. Effect destruction (Counter-attack included) won't trigger it.

     The two other Mission cards really depends on you and your meta.
    Defeat monsters Because you are a rush deck, you usually won't attack the opponent's monsters. Unless there is one in the center, or there are threats on the side that you must deal with.
      With the rise of defensive decks, Defeat monsterr becomes more and more effective.
      "THE Teamwork" is effective against open center meta. Yes you cannot trigger The Teamwork in one turn, link attacking is dangerous because that means that if your opponent shields it he will block two attacks with one shield, and you don't plus with it; but the card is free, there are very good adventurer who will link attack without worring (Tetsuya, Nobory), and the extra life can give you the edge against Rush decks.
   The teamwork is better than defeat monster against aggresive decks, and in gauge short decks. So it is rarely better than Defeat monsters. But it is still a good card.

Mission or missionless ?

      With the new Counter spells, place for Mission cards has become complicate to find. If you want to not run any Mission spells, it is possible. You become more stable because no more Form a party sitting alone, more counter spells and no more power sink during the time the missions are loading. You lose in term of card advantage, versatility of the Form party search and lesser power plays.

Dungeon pit :
     I will quickly review this card, so you guys cannot say i forgot it. So much condition,if there was only the conditions to have a size 2 or less, and can only be cast the turn it is summon would put this card on the subpar level. But it can only be casted right at the time the monster is called meaning your opponent will have time do something with the constraint of having the monster tapped (he could replace it for example); and in the center, a good player will certainly not put his important monsters in the center. Because of that, this card really goes to the trash level.

     Those are the two stronger Counter in Dungeon world. You must play a playset of them no matter what.
Divine protection of Shalsana :
    The best shield in the game no doubt about that (now replaced by Yamitagae ). The 1 gauge trades himself for the 1 life. And this card doesn't have any attack restriction.

Pillar of fire :
    This dungeon world counter is so strong.  6k defense restriction is nothing. 90 % of the size 2 are under this restriction and even a lot of size 3 kneel against this.
     Hopefully it cannot be activated with center filled, but with Glory seeker, this is not a problem.

 The two new counters, they aren't as broken as the old one, but they are still  very effective. Complete your counter line up with a mix of the two.
       Quiescence of Cassiade It is less effective than crossbow but less situational.
       Hidden Crossbow 3000 defense is very hight. It kills most of the size 0 and size 1 but it can also touch some size 2 (hello Demios). Avoid playing too much but complete the playset in your sideboard.


Brave Equipment, Glory seeker :
    The second big piece (with tetsuya ) wich makes the deck so strong in life-rush duels. His three crits gives you the speed and his ressurection gives you the edge in cas any decks manages to take you down before you do.
      But now item hate has become to common to play a deck that makes you -1. Seeker's effectis already not very reliant, but now we cannot even expect to hold until the reach 0 life points.

Conquering Blade, Dungeon Domination :
      With the appearence of all the global destruction and counter destruction, Glory seeker's cost seems too expensive considering it might break during
      It is Dungeon domination's time to shine.

Adventurer's Staff, Alcsbane
       Or not ! Alcsbane is superior to Dungeon domination in every points.
       But it's weaknesses are the same : it's missing critical makes link attack with Tetsuya very disapointing.
       And it's effect is not that crazy.

Phoenix Radiation!
        It is a very personnal : I don't really like  those sort of Impacts. If you want to kill the opponent's monsters, kill them throught attack. Otherwise ignore them. Just don't pay that tremendous amount of gauge. But that is very personnal.
         It has almost the same restriction as Dead end crush, but because the damage can be reduced and because of the third gauge, it puts far less pressure on the opponent.
         It can be a verry good choice if you play a very gauge heavy deck which means you can cast  the card as you want without worring of the cost.

Dead End Crush!
        A very solid card.  Dropping to 3 lifes is fairly complicate, but 2 gauge is very cheap. And just setting the pressure is very important. Also Adventurer, so can be grabbed by Nazaro's rest in the laterr game.

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