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How to calculate the effectiveness of the card.

    Not only will this post help you as a player, but it will also make writing article easier for me.
    Don't overestimate, this article will not set  the world on fire, and if you are familliar with card games, this won't break your habits.
   Still, Buddyfight has its proper ressource management system and has his subleties. This is due to the incredibly fragile stock of life and the gauge.

    As a side note, ressources can be split in two sections : cards and lifes are primary ressources, while gauge is a secondary ressource which helps you cast cards and effects in order to gain control of the first two.
     In buddyfight, lifes are equally important to cards because of how reachable it is. You may have a lot of monsters in your hand, your opponent just need to destroy your center to be able to hit you.

    With that beeing said, we can 'rate' the cards on how much they help you establish an advantage :

Ressource gainedValue
1 card1
2 lifes1
2 gauges1

Those values were calculated by Blair on her blog, all the reasonning behind that are here : http://buddyfighttheory.blogspot.fr/2014/06/buddyfight-math-card-advantage.html

    Whenever you activate a card, you make a -1. When you pay costs you also take disadvantage. The effect must offset this. Let's say Devil stigma : you activate your card (-1), tribute a monster (-1), gain 2 gauges (+1) and one life (-0.5). At the end you loose 0.5 ressources. If not played as reaction to the destruction of a card, this card is very bad.

     The game mechanics that help you make an advantage are : Draw (+1), Charge and draw (+0.5), Attacking an opponent monster (+1), Attacking your opponent directly (+ 0/5 * Critical of your monster), and (only once per game) Buddycall (+0.5)
    This must be taken into consideration when you activate your card as Counter: you activate Snake on your opponent Double attacking monster : you loose 1 card and one life (-1.5) but you stop your opponent monster from attacking twice (wich will create a +2 for him). You turn a -2 into a -1.5 you still loose ressources but it makes you a +0.5.

     So i covered everythink, i still have a lot to say about ressources. Getting ressources is not enought, you must get them smartly. And theorycraft must be linked with playtest.
     But i will cover this in incoming articles. I hope this article will help you theorycraft when new cards will come (and BT5 is coming hehe).

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